2024 Lincoln Nautilus to be made in China, sold in U.S.

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When company officials attempted to revive Lincoln in the last decade, they focused on creating a sanctuary theme for the interior of its vehicles. The 2024 Nautilus is the next evolution of that concept, executives say.

The biggest addition is the display spanning the full width of the dashboard that’s made up of two 24-inch screens.

Elsewhere in the interior, designers have added “crystal-inspired” details to the piano key shifter, instrument panel toggles and audio knob. It’s a nod to features showcased on Lincoln’s Model L100 concept vehicle last year.

The Nautilus will be the first U.S. product to offer an optional “Lincoln Rejuvenate” feature, which combines ambient lighting, displays on the 48-inch screen, 28 speakers, massaging seats and personalized scents.

Three scent cartridges are located in the center armrest and can be refilled by the customer when they run low. Fragrances include Mystic Forest, Ozonic Azure and Violet Cashmere.

The vehicle can receive over-the-air software updates and will come with Lincoln BlueCruise 1.2, the brand’s latest hands-free driver-assist system that includes automatic lane-change assist. The Lincoln version previously was called ActiveGlide, but officials have rebranded it BlueCruise to match the name used on Ford models.

The exterior includes a new design element: a horizontal light bar running through the mesh grille and Lincoln star logo that connects to the headlights, similar to the design of the Model L100 and Star concept vehicles.

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