7th Pay Commission: Minimum qualifying service required for promotion of central govt employees revised

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The Union government has revised the norms of minimum qualifying service required for promotion of central government employees as per the 7th CPC Pay Matrix and Pay Levels. In an Office Memorandum dated September 20, 2022, the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) said, “… the instructions issued vide DOPT OM dated 24.3.2009 has been reviewed, in consultation with the UPSC and with the approval of the competent authority it has been decided to revise the norms prescribing minimum eligibility service required for promotion, as per 7th CPC Pay Matrix and Pay Levels.”The revised norms of minimum qualifying service required for promotion may be incorporated in the recruitment rules or service rules by making amendments, the DoPT said.

The DoPT also requested all the ministries and departments to make the necessary changes in the recruitment and service rules following due procedure.

Why minimum eligibility requirement has been revised
Explaining the reason behind this move, DoPT said, “Instructions revising the minimum qualifying service required for promotion, as per 7th CPC Pay Matrix/ Pay Levels, have not been issued so far and proposals for framing/ amendment of RRs/Service Rules are still being considered, based on the requirements prescribed in OM dated 24.3.2009. Though the levels in Revised Pay Matrix as per 7th CPC Pay Matrix, generally correspond to the pre-revised Grade Pays/ Pay Scales (6th CPC), however, a need was felt to prescribe minimum qualifying service for promotion as per Pay Levels in the Revised Pay Matrix.”

The revised norms of minimum eligibility service required for promotion for the central government employees will be based as follows:

SL. No.FromToMinimum Qualifying Service for Promotion
1Level 1Level 23 Years
2Level 2Level 33 Years
3Level 2Level 48 Years
4Level 3Level 45 Years
5Level 4Level 55 Years
6Level 4Level 610 Years
7Level 5Level 66 Years
8Level 6Level 75 Years
9Level 6Level 86 Years
10Level 6Level 98 Years
11Level 6Level 1010 Years
12Level 6Level 1112 Years
13Level 7Level 82 Years
14Level 7Level 93 Years
15Level 7Level 105 Years
16Level 7Level 119 Years
17Level 8Level 92 Years
18Level 8Level 104 Years
19Level 8Level 118 Years
20Level 9Level 102 Years
21Level 9Level 117 Years
22Level 10Level 115 Years
23Level 11Level 125 Years
24Level 11Level 1310 Years
25Level 12Level 135 Years
26Level 12Level 13A6 Years
27Level 13Level 13A2 Years
28Level 13Level 143 Years
29Level 13ALevel 142 Years
30Level 14Level 153 Years
31Level 15Level 161 Year
32Level 15Level 172 years
33Level 16 Level 171 Year

Source: DoPT official memorandum

“The Recruitment/Service Rules are of statutory nature. Moreover, any amendment in these Rules generally have prospective effect,” it further added.

The ministry also mentioned that a “suitable ‘protection clause’ may be incorporated in the amendment proposed in the recruitment/service Rules, providing for retention of existing eligibility service for existing incumbents holding the feeder posts on regular basis, where the eligibility service for promotion prescribed in the existing rules is being enhanced and where the change is likely to affect the promotion of these incumbents.”

The DoPT has asked the ministries and departments to complete the review in this regard and furnish necessary amendment proposals to the DOPT and the UPSC in the case of Group A and Group B posts within six months from the date of issue of this Office Memorandum.

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