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The Abu Dhabi International Airport recently implemented a biometric boarding pass system, which allows passengers to use their face as boarding pass. With this new service, passengers will no longer be required to present a physical passport or ticket in order to board their flights.

According to a report in Khaleej Times, before being used at all airport passenger touchpoints, face recognition services will first be implemented at a few self-service baggage touchpoints, immigration e-gates, and boarding gates.

Biometric System At Abu Dhabi Airport

To identify passengers and confirm their identities, the biometric system uses facial recognition technology. Travellers simply need to have their passports and biometric data registered in the airport’s system to use the service.

After entering this information, passengers can proceed through the airport’s biometric gates and have their identity verified using facial recognition.

This new service is expected to greatly improve travellers’ airport experiences by streamlining the boarding process and reducing the need for passengers to carry multiple documents. The Biometric systems will also improve airport security because the biometric system can accurately identify individuals and help prevent identity fraud.

NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi-based technology company, created this advanced AI technology. At the UAE’s Abu Dhabi airport, the company will debut its cutting-edge AI solutions alongside global artificial intelligence and technology solutions partners IDEMIA and SITA.

The biometrics project, according to NEXT50 CEO Ibrahim Al Mannaee, is part of the Emirate’s digital transformation vision.

“Once the project is fully realized, the airport will be the only airport in the region with biometric solutions implemented across all customer touchpoints, contributing to Abu Dhabi Airport’s vision to become the operator of the most technology-driven airport in the world, providing a seamless journey to all its passengers. We are proud to be joining forces with IDEMIA and SITA and offering our expertise in artificial intelligence and data sciences to make this initiative a reality,” said Al Mannaee.

Eng Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri, MD and CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, said;

“The phase one deployment of advanced biometrics at Abu Dhabi International Airport further cements our commitment to shape the future of airport experiences by delivering innovation and technology that drives efficiency, convenience and service excellence. Upon final completion of the project, Abu Dhabi will be home to the world’s first airport to include every touch point in the biometric journey, providing travellers with a seamless, safe and secure passenger experience.”

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is the first airport in the United Arab Emirates to implement this type of biometric boarding pass system, but it is likely that other airports will follow suit in the near future. This is just one example of the many ways that biometric technology is being used to enhance the travel experience and improve security at airports around the world.

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