Agriculture Tourism In India: What Is Agro-Rural Tourism And Its Benefits

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Agriculture tourism is a unique way to experience rural India. Agrotourism is the practice of bringing tourists or other visitors to a farm. It is a chance for tourists or other visitors to experience agriculture up close and personally. Due to its many advantages, the idea of agro-rural tourism has grown over time in India and even around the world. This outdoor activity benefits the farm owner as well as the tourists by allowing them to experience and protect mother nature. Common synonyms for “agritourism” include “agri-tourism,” “agrotourism,” “farm tourism,” “agricultural tourism,” and “agritainment.”

Agritourism put simply, is where the two industries of tourism and agriculture converge. Agritourism, when defined more precisely, is a type of commercial enterprise that combines agricultural production and/or processing with tourism to draw people to farms, ranches, or other agricultural businesses for the purpose of entertaining or educating the visitors while generating income for the farm, ranch, or business owner.

The Indian economy’s primary sector is agriculture. Approximately 65% of the population is reliant on agriculture in some way. About 15% of the GDP is made up of the agricultural industry. In the tourism sector, agritourism is a specialist and developing market. The market for agritourism was estimated to be worth $42.46 billion globally in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to $62.98 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 13.4% between 2020 and 2027.

Agricultural Tourism

Agriculture tourism is a growing trend in India. It is a combination of agriculture and tourism, which involves visiting and interacting with rural areas. Agriculture Tourism has many benefits, which are as follows:

1) Benefits of Agricultural Tourism for Farmers:

  • Farmer earnings are supported by agritourism.
  • Urban residents will learn the worth and significance of agricultural land and will have the opportunity to observe the devoted Indian farmers and their way of life.
  • It encourages farmers to cultivate land that might otherwise be barren.
  • It also promotes and prevents the alteration of farmers’ attitudes or inclinations toward farming.
  • On the other hand, it forbids a piece of farmland that is accessible to a farmer involved in agritourism from being farmed and instead uses it for tourism purposes.

2) Benefits of Agricultural Tourism for Communities:

  • It assists in bringing in more tourists and their associated spending money for local businesses and services.
  • It will help in the promotion and preservation of local art, craft, and traditions;
  • It serves to develop interregional, intercultural connections and understanding.
  • Argo tourism helps people and visitors use community resources more effectively while also protecting rural areas and the surrounding natural environment.
  • There would be a greater understanding of agricultural challenges as well as the ideals upheld.
Agricultural Tourism

3) Benefits of Agricultural Tourism for Tourism Operators:

  • There will be an increase in the variety of tourism-related goods and services that are offered to visitors.
  • Businesses established in rural areas will receive foreign currency in the form of a cash flow.
  • Rural areas will experience an improvement in tourism.
  • Putting rural areas in a distinctive position in important tourist markets.
  • It will contribute to extending the season during often slow business times.

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