Air India Introduces ‘FogCare’ Initiative to Minimize Disruption Caused By Fog

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Air India on Saturday, December 24 announced the launch of its “FogCare” a new initiative to reduce passenger disruptions caused by fog, initially on flights departing and arriving at New Delhi’s IGI airport.

The initiative aims to reduce delays and cancellations caused by thick fog, which is common in northern India during the winter season.

Air India’s FogCare Initiative

Air India will take proactive steps as part of the FogCare initiative to limit the impact of fog on flight operations, which typically occurs in the early mornings and late evenings but can also affect flights throughout the day.

During periods of fog, Air India will proactively contact customers and provide them with simple options to reschedule or cancel their impacted flights at no additional cost. Passengers on impacted flights can choose not to travel to the airport, avoiding the inconvenience of long lines. This will also help to relieve airport congestion.

Passengers on impacted flights will receive customer-friendly e-mails, calls, and SMS with flight-specific advisories, providing them with simple options to minimise the inconvenience caused by fog-related disruptions.

Commenting on this initiative, Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer and Global Head of Airport Operations, at Air India said;

“We are pleased to launch the FogCare initiative, a customer-centric measure to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. This is one more step in our journey to becoming a world-class airline and will significantly improve the passenger experience during fog-affected days.”

“We will strive to give our customers up-to-date information on whether their flight has been impacted by fog and help them make the best choice given the circumstances. By proactively tackling the issue, we will be able to maintain the overall network schedule integrity as best as possible, and offer a better experience to all passengers, particularly those on flights unaffected by fog in Delhi, who would otherwise have been subjected to the cascading effects of rolling fog delays.”

In addition, the airline is ensuring adequate availability of aircraft, pilots, maintenance, and cabin crew to deal with fog-related emergencies.

Air India has prepared to minimise disruption due to fog by employing a fully trained cockpit crew that is equipped with the ability to operate in low visibility conditions via the CAT-III Instrument Landing System (ILS).

(Source and inputs from ANI)

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