Akasa Air To Allow Pets On Board: Know Rules, Charges & Other Details To Carry Animals On Flights

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The best news has arrived for pet lovers! Starting on November 1st, you can fly with your pets. Pets up to 7 kg in weight are permitted in both the cabin and cargo hold of low-cost airline Akasa Air. Pets that weigh more should check in at the cargo terminal.

The airlines added that they will do this under the supervision of an appropriate NGO. The airline will share its knowledge of the entire process.

This is a positive step because pet owners frequently face difficulties while trying to transport their animal babies. The only modes of transportation that currently allow dogs are by road, train, and Air India’s extremely limited alternatives. Yes, as of right now, only Air India permits animals in the cabin if the animal and its carrier weigh no more than 5 kg altogether.

Akasa Air

Akasa Air now operates 30 daily flights. The low-cost airline hopes to add a few more planes by the end of the financial year. Akasa Air is anticipated to have a fleet of 18 aircraft by March 2023. Additionally, Akasa Air has made it clear that only domesticated animals (cats and dogs) would be permitted to travel in the cabin after paying a fee. The cost to bring your pet onboard an Akasa Air flight will soon be made public.

What you need to know about bringing your pet on the plane is as follows:

1) Each animal would need to be in its own cage or pet carrier.

2) In the case of a cabin, the weight restriction will be 7 kilograms, and in the case of check-in, it will be 32 kilograms.

3) Even if the customer has no other luggage, pets must be carried for an extra fee and are not counted toward the free baggage allowance.

4) Pet weight + container weight and the amount of food transported per container will be charged.

Akasa Air

5) The sole exemption would be service dogs, which are allowed in the cabin and are needed to help the blind or deaf.

6) Pets will only be permitted if they are accompanied by current health and rabies vaccination records, entrance permits, and any other paperwork needed by transiting nations.

7) If the dog is trained to lead the blind passenger who is dependent and has impaired vision or the passenger who has impaired hearing who is dependent on the dog and this is medically backed or established, then these pets may be carried free of charge.

Please note: It is advisable to check the current rules and regulations with the Airlines before you travel as rules are subject to change.

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