Are You Curious to Know Which Countries Will Celebrate New Year First and Last?

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Happy New year 2023 World! With a great start to the year, there are few people interested in this article, and if you are here reading this, you are one of them who are intellectual and are curious to know which country will celebrate the New year first and who will be the last in the world.

New Year countdowns will be happening throughout the day around Earth and everybody will not be celebrating it at the same time saying 3,2,1, Happy New Year! Around the course of 25 hours, customs and festivities will be observed to greet the New Year in nations all over the world.

Here is the list of countries celebrating New Year first and last:


The first New Year’s celebrations in the world will be observed in Oceania. Tiny Pacific Island nations Tonga, Kiribati, and Samoa are the first to ring in the new year since their calendar year begins on 1st January at 10 am GMT or 3:30 pm in India as per IST.

So, the first countdown to welcome 2023 will be from Kiritimati Island, popularly known as Christmas Island, and ten other mostly uninhabited islands in the center of the Pacific Ocean.

New Year

One of the first places to ring in the New Year will be New Zealand. Then, Sydney in Australia will be one of the first big cities to ring in 2023. The New Year will begin on 31st December at 1:00 PM GMT.


At 3:00 PM GMT on 31st December, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan will ring in the new year.

China, the Philippines, and Singapore, among other nations, will begin entering 2023 on 31st December at 4:00 PM GMT. Beginning 31st December at 5:00 PM GMT, nations like Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia welcome the year 2023.

Beginning at 6:30 p.m. GMT on 31st December, celebrations to ring in the New Year will take place in India and Sri Lanka.

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The year 2023 will officially begin on December 31, at 11:00 PM GMT, in countries like Germany, Italy, France, Algeria, Belgium, & Spain.

New Year


The US will begin ringing in the new year on January 1 at 5:00 AM GMT.

There will always be someone who has to wait for the longest as the chain reaction of time zones enjoying has a ripple effect across the planet. With this, Baker Island & Howland Island will be the final and last locations on Earth to welcome 2023 on January 1 at noon GMT.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the international date line typically travels along the 180th meridian from north to south. From the prime meridian, which runs through Greenwich, England in the United Kingdom, it is located halfway around the globe.


The Line Islands, which are a part of Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga welcome the New Year first; American Samoa, Baker Island, and Howland Island, which are a part of the U.S.A Minor Outlying Islands, are among the last. wishes you a very Happy New Year!

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