Assam: Two Guinness World Records Created In Assam On The Occasion Of Bihu, Know It All

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Photo Credit: Twitter

Our hearts are full of pride and happiness while mentioning about the biggest Bihu dance performance by 11,304 dancers & drummers that happened in Assam on 13th, April 2023 which created two world records and made it to the Guinness World Records.

At the Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati, more than 11,000 dancers and musicians performed the Bihu dance, which set two world records. The popular traditional dance form, which is practiced throughout Assam, especially during the festivities of Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu, was performed by more than 7,000 dancers, the majority of whom were female performers, & more than three thousand drummers along with musicians from all the districts in the state.

The performers performed their acts and achieved the world record for Bihu dancing and dhol playing in front of a judge from the Guinness World Records, London headquarters. Before the event, 500 Bihu dancers, according to Rishi Nath, the Guinness World Records official, broke the previous attendance record and he called the event “mesmerizing.”

The Assam chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, shared memorable moments from the MegaBihu rehearsal on the social media platform, Twitter.

The Assam chief minister made a speech at the occasion in which he shared his opinion that Assamese citizens should exhibit themselves as a proud race on the international scene and that their mentality of setting boundaries for themselves has limited them. He also emphasized the importance of highlighting the valour and bravery of Assamese great people like Lachit Barphukan for the world to see.

Assam Bihu Record

Photo Credit: Twitter

What are the two Guinness World Records made:

  • Largest Bihu dance performance in the world
  • Largest performance by folk musicians with instruments including the “Pepa,” “dhol,” “Gogona,” & “Toka.”

A Geographical Indication (GI) registration certificate for the “Gamosa,” a traditional Assamese scarf, was also given to CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. Gamosa received its GI tag in December 2022.

What is GI Tag and Gamosa?

A GI is connected largely to manufactured, natural, or agricultural items as well as to handicrafts, industrial goods, and things originating from a specific geographic region.

Assam Bihu Record

Photo Credit: Twitter

A “Gamosa,” which is Assamese meaning “towel,” is frequently used in homes for both everyday activities and special occasions. Assamese people customarily gift the “Gamosa,” a handmade rectangular cotton piece of cloth having red colour borders & various designs and motifs, to elders and guests as a token of respect and honour.
It is seen as an important component of Assamese identity and pride and is included in all socioreligious ceremonies in the state.

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Do you Know?

The Assam government organised the event, and on Friday, after a performance akin to this one, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will award them with their actual Guinness World Records certificates. For taking part in the historic event, each participant including the master, trainers & dancers will be given a reward of INR 25,000.

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