Astro Camp 2023 At Benital, Uttarakhand: A Not-to-Miss Event of the Year

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Astronomy and space enthusiasts we have something for your starry vacation this time. Uttarakhand will host the Benital Astro Camp from May 19 to May 21 at Benital, Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. Read on to know activities, how to register, ticket prices, etc.

Additionally, it is important to note that the Uttarakhand government intends to transform Benital into India’s first Astro Village. All astronomy fans had better get ready because starry holidays are likely to be a reality.

Benital is the ideal place for a Dark Sky Park because it is at a height of 2500 meters above sea level, has few people living there, and has less light pollution. The Benital Astro Camp, a month-long Astro Camp sponsored by Starscapes, will feature a number of activities.

In order to increase interest in astrotourism, Starscapes, India’s top astrotourism company & a member of the International Dark Sky Advocate Network, has been actively promoting Dark Sky destinations in India.

Along with encouraging astrotourism, Starscapes is closely collaborating with the neighbourhood to increase public awareness of light pollution & its negative effects on the environment. Additionally, they have been pushing for the enforcement of dark-sky laws throughout India.

Benital Astro Camp

Benital’s first Astro Party took place in 2021. Due to its resounding success at that time, this year, don’t even take a chance to miss it!

Benital Astro Camp Dates:

The Astro Camp 2023 will begin on May 19th, 2023, and last for one month, or until the end of June (depending on the weather).

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Participants will have the opportunity to experience activities like:

  • Stargazing
  • Astrophotography
  • Solar observations
  • Astronomy tambola
  • Rocketry making
  • Constellation viewing
  • Observe the night sky through telescopes and binoculars, etc

About Benital:

Benital, a hidden gem in the Himalayas, offers some of the best vistas of the Himalayan peaks. Benital offers some of the cleanest skies in the nation because of the pure air and lack of light pollution, making it a popular spot for astronomy tourism.

For people who are interested in astronomy and space exploration, the Astro Camp offers a distinctive experience. The event offers a range of workshops and activities and is available to people of all ages.

Ticket prices for Benital Astro Camp:


How to register for Benital Astro Camp:

Registration for the Astro Camp is open and can be done online through the event website. You can click on the below website to register:

Benital Astro Camp

Important points to note:

  • Visitors are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and food.
  • The ideal location to stay will be in Karnprayag
  • In Karnprayag, there are good hotels and homestays. There are homestays that are closer to the event location.
  • A frequent shuttle runs to & from Karnprayag. The trip takes about 75 minutes.
  • If visitors bring their own tent & camping supplies, they are welcome to stay at the campsite as well.
  • There will be access to water and sanitary amenities (toilet, washroom).

Don’t miss this chance to explore the wonders of the universe!

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