Beware – New Rules Passed By The IRCTC! New Travel Guidelines To Ensure Sound Sleep For Passengers

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To make the journey more convenient and comfortable for railway passengers, Indian Railways makes adaptations from time to time. If you regularly travel by train, then this news is very important for you.

Crores (Tens of millions)of passengers travel in Indian Railways every day, but most of these passengers are not aware of the necessary rules and regulations related to railway service, due to which they face trivial problems at times. If you keep yourself updated with the new rules and regulations, then you are sure to be saved from many troubles on the way.


According to the new rules by the railway, currently, no passenger in your compartment or coach can talk on the mobile in a loud voice or play loud music. This rule is passed so that fellow passengers are not disturbed and can sleep peacefully during the journey.

New rules!

  • According to railway rules, if any person talks loudly on mobile in your compartment or coach after 10 pm or plays loud music, then action can be taken against the person concerned.
  • If any person creates any nuisance during the journey. In such a situation also, you can complain about it to the train staff. Action will be taken immediately against the person concerned.

Beware – Under new Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) rules, if a person talks in a loud voice on the mobile by your side, in your compartment or coach late at night or blasts (loud) music on their electronic equipment, be it a laptop or mobile, then action will be taken against the person concerned.

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