CRED paydays are live: Avail bigger and better rewards simply by paying bills on CRED

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The festive season continues for CRED members. They get to play and win rewards, cashback and jackpots for all bill payments on CRED during the CRED paydays with brands like Visa, Citibank, Zepto, Starbucks Swiggy and many more. Rewards like an all-expense paid trip to Paris or the chance to live out an F1 experience may be a pipedream for most of us, but this is very much a reality for CRED members this World Cup season who have won these and more by paying any and all of their bills on CRED.
Prabhakar Verma from Lucknow, winner of the first jackpot, a trip to Paris on October 23, 2022, can vouch for the same. Prabhakar Verma, who lives in Lucknow and is a civil engineer, said, “I couldn’t believe it initially because Paris is my dream destination, but after getting confirmation, I was overwhelmed, happy, and super excited. I usually win CRED coins and cashback, so winning this enormous gift package is a surprise for me. Thank you, CRED team!”

There are multiple rewards that CRED members can also win by paying their bills on CRED. Some of these awards are:

  • Your first bill payment can get you upto 25% cashback
  • Stand a chance to win Rs. 5,000 on flights and Rs. 7,500 on hotels, including premium hotels on Cleartrip
  • Chance to win a 3-month Swiggy one membership
  • Upto 30% off on Zepto

In order to win these exciting rewards, CRED members can pay any and all of their bills, both online and offline, from October 22, 2022, to November 6, 2022. Here is the list of bills that can be paid on CRED: Utilities (electricity, water, gas), Telecom (mobile recharge, postpaid, broadband, DTH, Others (Fastag, insurance premiums, loan repayments), Education (college fees, school fees, tuition fees), Rent (house rent, office rent, brokerage, maintenance, token amount), Credit Card bill.

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CRED also has a jackpot for all occasions. CRED members stand a chance to win:

  • An Apple kit which is on offer on 27th October. The kit includes an iWatch Series 8, an iPhone 14 Pro, and Airpods Pro
  • A BMW g310r bike which is available on 30th October, can be yours
  • For the die-hard fans, on 2nd November, you have a chance to enjoy a true F1 experience in Dubai, where you can stand a chance to drive an F1 car. The flights and stay are included in the offer
  • Win a chance to fly to an international destination in 1st class seats on 6th November

Individuals can get admission to CRED based on their credit scores. You can access CRED on iOS and Android. With a mission to celebrate and reward credit-worthy individuals, CRED is a transparent and fully digital platform of highly trusted individuals, brands, and institutions. CRED’s empathetic approach to design makes financial decisions visible, delightful and rewarding for its members. Hence, facilitating access to a better life through exclusive rewards and experiences. For more updates and the latest news from CRED, follow CRED on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and Youtube.

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