Dealerships participate in Texas school auto tech competition

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None of the young troubleshooters at the auto tech shootout were female. Like other educators and association leaders, Arrants said service departments need to increase recruitment of female technicians.

“Two percent of the [tech] work force is women, but they make up 50 percent of the population. We at [Automotive Service Excellence] are trying to increase that number,” Arrants said. “Women make great technicians. They’re process-oriented and, frankly, they’re better than males.”

Doug Adcock, the auto tech instructor at LaGrone Academy and a veteran Ford technician, said he currently has two female juniors who plan on doing auto service for a living.

“This isn’t just a guy profession,” Adcock said. “By far, females have more patience than the males do.”

He also said too many male service advisers talk down to female customers. But most women run the household, including taking the family vehicle in for service.

“A female adviser can explain things, and the female will take their advice,” he said.

As for dealerships wanting to recruit high school students, Adcock has a simple tip.

“My biggest advice to dealers who want to add young talent is be involved with the students,” he said. “We have dealers right now calling for our students, but they won’t show up and be visible and show they care about them and really want them.”

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