Driving licence, leaner’s licence, 56 other RTO services available online now; Check full list

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You can now avail as many as 58 transport-related citizen-centric services online with the help of Aadhaar authentication on a voluntarily basis. These services include driving licence application and renewal, learner license application and renewal, vehicle registration, and transfer of ownership among others, as per a notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on September 16, 2022. This move is aimed at eliminating the need to go to regional transport offices (RTOs) and easing the compliance burden.
Who can avail of these services online?

Only those with 16-digit Aadhaar numbers can use a total of 58 services online. Do note that your mobile number needs to be linked with your Aadhaar number to avail these services online, according to the road ministry circular.

Where can you find these services?

You can visit Parivahan.gov.in portal ( or download mParivahan application from Google Play to Apple App Store to get a list of the services that can be accessed online.
A host of services are listed under licence-related services, vehicle-related services, manufacturer-related services, and other products and services. You can select the one you want to apply for.

Visit Parivahan.gov.in portal to get a list of the services that can be accessed online

Visit Parivahan.gov.in portal to get a list of the services that can be accessed online

What are the services?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways circular these are the 58 services that can be availed online using Aadhaar authentication on a voluntarily basis.

1) Application of Learner Licence

2) Change of Address in Learner Licence

3) Change of Name in Learner Licence

4) Change of Photo and Signature in Learner Licence

5) Issue of Duplicate Learner Licence

6) Learner License Extract provisioning

7) Issue of Duplicate Driving License (DL)

8) Renewal of Driving Licence for which test of competence to drive is not required

9) Replacement of Driving Licence.

10) Application for registration for driver training from Accredited Driver Training Centre and requirement

of passing certificate to be sent to concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) for issuance of Driving Licence (DL)

11) Change of Address in Driving Licence

12) Change of Name in Driving Licence

13) Change of Biometrics in Driving Licence

14) Change of Date of Birth in Driving Licence

15) Change of Photo and Signature in Driving Licence

16) Driving License Extract provisioning

17) Issue of International Driving Permit

18) Surrender of Class of Vehicle from License

19) Endorsement to Drive Hazardous Material

20) Endorsement to Drive in Hill Region

21) Issue of Driving License for Defence.

22) Additional endorsement on Driving license (AEDL) for Defence Driving License Holder

23) Issue of Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge to Driver

24) Issue of Duplicate Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge.

25) Temporary Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge to Driver

26) Renewal of Conductor License.

27) Issue of Duplicate Conductor License

28) Conductor License Extract provisioning

29) Issue of Temporary Conductor License

30) Change of Address in Conductor License

31) Change of Biometrics in Conductor License

32) Change of Name in Conductor License

33) Application for Temporary Registration of motor vehicle.

34) Application for Registration of motor vehicle with fully built body

35) Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration (RC)

36) Deposit of Registration Certificate fees

37) Application for Grant of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Certificate of Registration

38) Change in Address in Certificate of Registration

39) View Registration Certificate (RC) particulars against fee.

40) Retention of Registration Number

41) Notice of Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle

42) Application for Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle.

43) Payment of additional Life Time Tax (Transfer of ownership Case)

44) Endorsement of hire-purchase agreement

45) Termination of hire-purchase agreement

46) Issue or Renewal of Trade Certificate.

47) Issue of Fresh Permit

48) Issue of Duplicate Permit

49) Permit Non-Use Intimation

50) Permanent Surrender of Permit

51) Transfer of Permit

52) Transfer of Permit (Death Case)

53) Renewal of Permit

54) Renewal of Permit Authorisation.

55) Application for Special Permit.

56) Application for Temporary Permit.

57) Update Mobile Number in record for transport services.

58) Issue of Duplicate Fitness certificate

What happens if you don’t have an Aadhaar number?

Without Aadhaar authentication, you can’t access these services online. Those who do not have Aadhaar number may get a physical form from the RTO office by providing any other valid ID card.

How will this move benefit citizens?

“Providing such services in a contactless and faceless manner would go a long way in saving critical time of citizens while easing their compliance burden. Consequently, the footfall at the RTOs is likely to significantly reduce, which would lead to greater efficiency in their functioning,” the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways said in the circular release last week.

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