Egypt Announced New Visa Rules, Visa On Arrival for Indian Tourists

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In a bid to boost its tourism, Egypt has announced new rules for multiple entry visas, with India being one of the countries that will benefit from these changes.

Egypt’s tourism minister recently revealed that the country would now offer visas on arrival to Indian tourists.

Egypt Five-year Multiple Entry Visa

Indian tourists, according to reports, can now obtain a five-year multiple-entry visa for $700. (Rs 57,688). A single entry visa with a validity of 30 days is also available for $25 (Rs 2,060). This new policy is open to people of more than 180 different nationalities.

India and China added to the list

The minister also confirmed that India and China have made it to the list of nationalities eligible for visa on arrival facility. This means that tourists from India and China who hold a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) resident visa can now avail visa-on-arrival facility

Furthermore, individual tourists from China can obtain emergency entry visas at Egyptian ports.

Changes for tourists from other countries

Changes to the eligibility criteria have been made for tourists arriving from other countries as well.

  • Iraqi tourists can now only receive visas on arrival if they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Iranian tourists can obtain visas on arrival when heading to South Sinai through a certified agency.
  • Israelis can visit Hurghada in groups only through the sponsorship of certified tourism companies.
  • Residents of Turkey would be given expanded access to visas on arrival in order to re-establish ties between Egypt and Turkey.

Boosting Tourism in Egypt

The new rules were put in place to boost tourism in the country, which has suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. According to reports, Egypt received 11.7 million tourists last year and anticipates a 25% to 30% increase this year. Experts predict that the number of tourists will increase to 30 million by 2028.

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