EPFO gives option to withdraw/modify higher EPS pension application online till this time

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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has given employees who have applied for higher EPS pension a delete application button in the online functionality. As per an EPFO notification dated May 3, 2023, it has received numerous requests from pensioners and members asking for an online facility to upload files and correct errors in their applications for joint options and option validation.

“As a result, an option for employees to “Delete Application” has been added to the online functionality. The employee can submit a new Application for Validation of Option / Joint Option with accurate details / uploads if they choose to do so after deleting their original application,” stated the notification.

According to the notification “Accordingly, in the online functionality, a button for ‘Delete Application’ has been provided to the employees. The employee after deleting application can, thereafter, if he/she so desires, file a fresh Application for Validation of Option / Joint Option with correct details / uploads.”

However, do note that the current window is available only until the employer validates your details and accepts it. “You can only utilise this button if your employer hasn’t responded to your Application for Validation of Option or Joint Option.”

If the employer has already taken action on the Application for Validation of Option I Joint Option, the employee won’t be able to use the Delete Button. According to the HO circular from April 23, 2023 (Sr. No. 18 of 2023–24), even in these situations, the employee will have the chance to correct the mistakes after the Field Offices have reviewed the Application for Validation of Option / Joint Option.

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The EPFO website is to state the following: A delete button has been provided to the employees to delete application of Option/Joint Option so that if they so desire, they may file afresh after correcting errors. This functionality is available provided employer has not acted upon the Application for Validation of Option/Joint Option so far.

Other announcements regarding higher EPS pension
Over the last two days, the EPFO has made various announcements and clarifications regarding higher EPS pension applications. EPFO extended the deadline to apply for higher pension from Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) to June 26,2023 from May 3, 2023.Then on May 4, 2023, the EPFO came up with the long awaited replacement methodology for contribution towards higher EPS pension. The members opting for higher pension will no longer have to contribute the additional 1.16% of their salary that is above the wage ceiling which was necessitated due to an EPFO amendment that came into effect from September 1, 2014. The Supreme Court, in its judgment announced on November 4, 2022, had declared this rule as invalid and asked EPFO to come up with a replacement mechanism.

“It has been decided to draw 1.16 % additional contribution from within the overall 12% of the contribution of the employers into the provident fund,” the Ministry of Labour & Employment stated in a press release issued on May 3, 2023.

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