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The climate turns into a scorching desert to the south and east of the Atlas Mountains. This is the beginning of the deserts that are found in Morocco. The southern region of the nation is characterized by its relative emptiness, low population density, and paucity of metropolitan areas. This region is known for being peaceful and remote.

The Sahara Desert in Morocco is a very different environment from the country’s northern regions, which are separated from the coast’s bustling towns by mountain ranges. The majority of both the Sahara and the Moroccan desert are made up of what are known as hamada, which are rocky, arid plateaus with very little sand. The unrelenting winds have stripped away every last particle of sand, leaving nothing but bare rock and stones.

Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga, both located in Morocco, are two of the country’s areas that fit the mental picture that the majority of travelers from Morocco desert tourshave of the Sahara Desert. Erg is an Arabic term that literally translates to “dune field.” It is used to describe expansive, flat regions of the desert that are dominated by wind-formed sand dunes and have very little or no vegetation.

Both of these Ergs can be found in the southern part of Morocco, and they are encircled on all sides by Hamadas that are composed of rocks. In addition, the sand dunes that can be seen in both of these areas are really breathtaking. An apparently unending sea of sand dunes spreads to the horizon like a roiling ocean, with a breeze softly caressing it, playfully sculpting waves, combing the ridges, and continually generating new patterns with its ravenous breath. In the same way that the ocean is always shifting, so is the desert. We will investigate the fascination of Merzouga, also known as Erg Chebbi, in the following paragraphs.

Overview of Merzouga

Merzouga is a town located in the southeast of Morocco, and practically all of the locals here depend on tourism for their livelihood. The settlement can be found right on the border of the desert, it has a lot of open space, and all of its structures are constructed out of clay like those found elsewhere in the region.

A trip to the desert of Merzougaon one of your Morocco desert toursis without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences that can be had in Morocco. Erg Chebbi is a remarkable terrain that was solely generated by the wind, and it awaits you here with enormous dunes that may reach heights of up to 200 meters. Merzouga is the excellent place for camel rides, jeep tours, and other thrilling excursions into the desert due to its prime position on the edge of the sand dunes. If you have an interest in learning about other cultures, you might consider having a conversation with some of the local Berbers or even staying at their home. There, the Berbers will tell you more about their extensive history and traditions, and they might even teach you how to make some of the famous Moroccan rugs that are considered to be a specialty of Morocco.

Merzouga is waiting to be explored, and the road is your ticket

The trip to Merzouga, which is located in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, is already an unforgettable adventure. The journey takes travelers via the verdant oasis of Tinghir and over the towering Atlas Mountains. After that, they continue on the surreal Road of 1000 Kasbahs. As one travels farther south, the terrain gradually gets more desolate and arid, and one realizes that one is drawing much closer to the desert that covers most of Morocco.

In addition, there are several worthwhile spots to see on the road to the Sahara, such as Ait Ben Haddou, Dades Gorge, and the Todra Gorge, all of which should not be skipped. Next up on the itinerary is Erfoud, a sleepy oasis community often regarded as the passageway into the Sahara Desert. From there, it is an another 50 kilometers to Merzouga. The last destination is the village of Rissani, which is located in the desert and is known for its ornate city gate.

Desert Tour & Camel trekking in Merzouga

You are going to have a really warm welcome in Merzouga, and as soon as you get there, you are going to get some great mint tea. First, acquire something to eat (it need to be something freshly produced), and then immediately get yourself inspired to go camel trekking.

After around 15 minutes of rocking back and forth in desert boats as you make your way into the Erg Chebbi, you will finally reach the first dunes. The sand will radiate a reddish-yellow hue in the setting light, and the dunes will continue to rise to ever-greater heights. In a short while, you will find yourself surrounded by a sea of enormous sand dunes, and without a doubt, you will declare the trip on the camel was very stunning in its natural beauty. It is advised to climb on the highest dune you can see to get experience a beautiful sight.

Although it is not an easy climb, once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with a stunning panoramic vista that encompasses the whole gorgeous Erg Chebbi desert. You never would have encountered something quite that extraordinary in your life! It is highly recommended to remain there for some time at the degree of the dune to sit about, as the view of the breathtaking sunset is best from that vantage point. You will have the experience of serenity and tranquility, which will transform the mundane moments of your vacation into beautiful moments that will make your trip to Morocco memorable.

Food in Merzouga

Restaurant Cafe Fatima is widely regarded as one of the finest dining establishments in all of Merzouga. This cozy eatery is run by a local family and has been in operation for more than 15 years. The cuisines served at the Fatima Cafe range from chicken tajine to couscous with sardines and encompass everything in between. Because there is also a nice range of vegetarian food, individuals who are traveling with a diverse company will find that this establishment is an excellent option.

The Nora Cafe is the second-favorite restaurant in the area. It is a cozy restaurant that offers a diverse selection of meals from across the world, all of which are expertly cooked by the staff. The restaurant serves a broad range of cuisines from throughout the world, such as Berber pizza, tagine, salads, soup, and even couscous dish.

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