Fact Check: IndiGo Has Already Ordered 500 Planes, Not Placing a New Order

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As you may be aware, recent media reports have claimed that IndiGo, India’s largest airline, has placed a massive order with Airbus for 500 planes, trumping Air India’s recent order of 840 planes. However, we found that these reports are misleading and inaccurate.

Notably, Vinay Malhotra, IndiGo’s head of international sales, stated in an interview on February 17, 2023, that the airline is currently flying over 300 aircraft and has nearly 500 more on order.

This quote was misinterpreted as IndiGo placing a new order for 500 planes.

The truth is that IndiGo has already ordered 500 planes in multiple stages, including a 300-plane deal with Airbus in 2019. According to airline officials, the airline is currently awaiting delivery of these planes, which will ensure consistent delivery until 2030.

IndiGo Partners with Turkish Airlines to Expand Reach to Europe

IndiGo has partnered with Turkish Airlines as part of its expansion plans to improve passenger services from India to Istanbul and beyond.

The collaboration includes a codeshare agreement, which will allow IndiGo to penetrate Europe like never before, covering 27 points in Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland.

IndiGo currently operates 1,800 flights per day, 10% of which are international. The airline intends to open two new hubs in the near future: Nairobi, Kenya, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Competition in India’s Growing Air Travel Market is Welcomed

Vinay Malhotra also stated that competition in India’s expanding air travel market is always welcome, as the country currently has 7.3 per cent of its population with a passport. As more Indian citizens obtain passports, demand for domestic and international air travel is expected to rise.

IndiGo guarantees its customers hassle-free service, on-time performance, and low fares, making it a popular choice for travellers to Europe and beyond.

Fact-checking Verdict

True. Although it has previously ordered 500 aircraft, IndiGo has not yet placed a new order for them. To increase its presence in Europe, the airline has partnered with Turkish Airlines, and it soon plans to open two new points. In the expanding aviation industry in India, IndiGo welcomes the competition.

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