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Fighter jets escort Ryanair flight from Poland to Greece after a bomb threat

A Ryanair plane travelling from Poland to Athens landed safely on Sunday in the Greek capital Athens, after the pilot reported a bomb threat during the flight.Fighter jets scrambled to escort a Ryanair flight from Poland to Greece after a bomb threat was reported. Two Greek F-16s escorted a Ryanair plane from Katowice in Poland as a precaution after a bomb threat was reported on the flight, according to the Greek Defence Ministry.

Hungarian warplanes had earlier escorted the plane, the source added. The aircraft, with more than 190 people on board, landed safely at 5:40 pm local time in Athens International Airport, it was reported.

Firefighters and police surrounded the aircraft soon after it landed at a remote part of the airport, and it was inspected by the bomb squad, the Greek news agency ANA said. Passengers were taken off the plane and were searched, along with their luggage and the aircraft itself, the reports said.

“All people are well and safe,” Elena Dimopoulou, the airport spokesperson, said.


While the exact factors for the crash, that killed at least 68 people on Sunday, will be known only after completion of the detailed probe, initially, it looks like the possibility of mishandling by the pilot or malfunctioning of the plane’s angle of attack system, an official said on the condition of anonymity.

The pilot of the Boeing 737 aircraft had earlier alerted authorities over a possible explosive device on board. “Crew onboard flight FR6385 travelling from Katowice to Athens were notified of a potential security threat onboard and in line with safety procedures, continued to Athens where it landed safely before being met by the Greek authorities,” Ryanair said in a statement.

The origin of the bomb threat has not yet been specified. The warning is said to have been made soon after the plane departed from Poland. When it landed in Athens, authorities directed the plane to an isolated airport area.
Special police units checked the plane and the luggage but “did not find anything suspicious”.

“The pilot informed the Athens control tower but we don’t know where the information originally came from,” Greek police spokeswoman Constantia Dimoglidou said.

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