Ford’s 2022 SEMA Lineup Includes Rugged Broncos And A Stylish Mach-E

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Ford heads to the 2022 SEMA Show with 10 modified trucks and SUVs from its aftermarket partners. They run the gamut from off-road-ready Broncos to an F-150 that claims to be a Swiss Army knife.

Tucci Hot Rods Ford Mustang Mach-E

There’s a single Mustang Mach-E in this bunch. The brown EV comes from Tucci Hot Rods and wears custom 3d-printed parts for the front lip and fender flares. Odd, transparent covers are over the wheels. The company also adds a custom hatchback spoiler. Inside, there are two Recaro seats with racing harnesses.

Hypertech Ford Bronco Sport

Yakima And Hypertech Ford Bronco Sport

Yakima and Hypertech bring this customized Bronco Sport Heritage to SEMA. This off-road-focused model has an ARB portable air compressor, an off-road recovery kit, and a big light bar above the windshield. The roof also holds a tent and an outdoor shower.

Leer Ford Maverick

Leer Group builds a custom Ford Maverick Hybrid. The cap over the bed hides a drawer system with plenty of additional storage. There’s also a power station and toolbox. Roof rails offer even more space for carrying gear.

ARB Ford Bronco

There are three Broncos in this group. ARB builds the SUV as a service unit vehicle for providing medical aid to rugged areas. It has tube doors, an under-hood air compressor, a winch, an upgraded front bumper, and extra lights.


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WARN Ford Bronco

Warn Industries creates a Bronco that is ready for an off-road adventure. It carries a bike and a kayak. Once the driver gets to the right spot, there’s a deployable awning. Other accessories include a fishing rod box and refrigerator.

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network Ford Bronco

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network Ford Bronco

The third Bronco comes from the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network. It has parts like 4.7 gears for both axles, a Warn winch, and Yakima two-person tent.

Tjin x Thule Ford F-150 Lightning

Tjin x Thule Ford F-150 Lightning

Three modified F-150s are among the SEMA creations. Tjin and Thule use a Lightning to build a truck that the companies compare to a Swiss Army knife. It features accessories like a solar charger, portable air compressor, and refrigerator. Two Super73 e-bikes mount to the back.

Real Truck Ford F-150 Lightning

Real Truck Ford F-150 Lightning

Real Truck and Motor City Solutions create this F-150 Lightning as an off-road racing support vehicle. It carries an air compressor, recovery boards, toolbox, and welding equipment. A rack over the bed holds a spare wheel. There is also a custom skid plate.

BDS Supensions. Ford F-150 Hybrid

BDS Suspensions Ford F-150 Hybrid

BDS Suspension uses an F-150 Hybrid as the basis for an off-roader. It appears to sit higher than stock. Plus, there’s an air compressor, Warn recovery kit, and first aid supplies.

Ford Transit by John Pangilinan

Ford Transit by John Pangilinan

John Pangilinan brings a modified Ford Transit to SEMA. The van is for digital nomads. Travelers can enjoy the outdoors with accessories like an air compressor, an off-road assistance kit, a sliding kitchen with a refrigerator, and an awning.

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