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GMR Goa International Airport Limited on Tuesday, November 08, unveiled its new brand logo for the soon-to-be-opened new Goa Airport at Mopa.

“We are very happy to announce the launch of our New Goa Airport Brand Identity Logo, as part of creating a distinct marque amongst our valued customers,” said GGIAL CEO RV Sheshan.

He stated that GGIAL created a logo that perfectly combines the key elements of Goa. The logo is playful, optimistic, and smart, inspired by the sun, sand, palm trees, sea, sky, earth, and fun that define Goa.

According to a press release from GGIAL, the new logo is playful, optimistic, and smart as a prominent representation of the company, people, and brand. The logo for New Goa Airport was inspired by the sun, sand, palm trees, sea, sky, earth, and fun that define Goa.

“It conveys our commitment to serving our customers with the best world-class airport experiences while remaining true to our longstanding reputation,” the release further stated.

“The new Goa airport is about relaxing and also moving, thus unfolding a new and smooth pace of life. The new Goa airport is about the hills, the water, the greenery and the Goan Spirit. All the colours that define state on the southwestern coast of India and the emotions that surround it find expression in the New Wave Logo,” it added.

According to the company, this corporate insignia contains all of the attributes that represent the spirit of Goa.

According to reports, the new airport will be built in stages to initially service about 4.4 million passengers per year before being scaled up to meet traffic growth demands.

This airport will provide full service to domestic and international passengers, as well as freight services.

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