Govt Warns Against Fake Websites and Apps Offering Passport Services

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The Central Government of India has issued an important alert for those seeking passport-related services. It has warned people not to fall prey to fake websites or mobile applications that are collecting data from applicants and charging huge fees.

The government has advised all citizens applying for Indian passports and related services to be cautious while selecting websites or apps for these services, otherwise, they may face financial loss and other difficulties.

Fake websites and mobile apps offering passport services

According to the government alert, it has come to their notice that many fake websites and mobile applications are collecting data from applicants and charging exorbitant fees for filling out online application forms and scheduling appointments for passport-related services.

The alert specifically mentioned that some of these fake websites are registered with an org domain name, some are registered with IN, and some are registered with dot com.

Names of fake Passport websites

The alert listed the names of several fake websites that applicants should be wary of. These include the following and several others that are similar.


Use the official government website and app

The alert emphasized that the Government of India has only one official website for passport services, which is Applicants are advised to visit only this website for passport-related services.

Additionally, there is an official mobile app named mPassport Seva that can be downloaded from Android and iOS application stores.


The Central Government has issued a warning about fake websites and mobile apps that offer passport services. The alert urges applicants to be cautious while selecting websites or apps for these services and to use only the official government website and app. By following these guidelines, applicants can avoid financial loss and other difficulties while obtaining passport-related services.

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