How to get duplicate National Savings Certificate (NSC)

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National Savings Certificates (NSC) are savings bonds issued by the Indian government and are generally used for long term savings and income tax savings. NSCs are offered by India Post and are available to invest across Post office branches. NSC as an investment can be considered risk averse investors seeking low-risk investment opportunities to generate a steady income. Upon enrollment under NSC, the depositor is provided with a certificate containing all the information mentioned about the investment as well as other related information.Also read: National Savings Certificate interest rate hiked by 70 bps for the April-June 2023 quarter; check latest NSC rate

When the scheme reaches maturity, this certificate is regarded as a crucial document that must be presented to receive the amount. The certificates may, however, lose, be stolen, or be destroyed if they were in physical form. The investor’s income can be withheld at maturity as a result of this. But, there is a solution. By submitting an application on the required form, you can request the issuance of duplicate certificates.

The required form on which the investor can request the issuance of a duplicate certificate is Form NC 29. Form NC-29 will be filled in for each case of issue of duplicate certificate passbook(s) and filed with the case along with Personal Indemnity bond (NC 54aNC 54b, NC61).

Particular of Certificates:
(A) Name of issue of the certificates
(B) Serial Numbers of the Certificates
(C) Date of issue

(D) Denominations
(E) Name of the office of issue
(F) Type (Single/Joint-A/Joint-B)
(G) Registration No.

Note :- while it may be in the interest of the investor to lodge an FIR with the Police regarding loss of certificates, the post office should not make this a precondition for issue of a duplicate certificate.

How to apply for a duplicate NSC
Step 1:
Fill and submit the application at your nearest Post office branch. Your application will be transferred to the original branch by your nearest branch itself if it is not the branch where the original certificate was issued.
Step 2:
Application should contain details of the NSC such as amount, account number and date of issuance, and the reason for duplicate NSC.
Step 3:
Your application will be processed by the post office’s officer in charge. You are also required to submit an indemnity bond with one or more sureties or bank guarantee.
Step 4:
In the event that certificates are defaced or damaged, an indemnity bond is not necessary.
Step 5:
Also, there is a cost that must be paid in order to have the NSC reissued in passbook form.

Clarification on the issuance of duplicate certificates KVP/NSC, according to the SB Order No. 30/2020:
Pre-printed certificates issued before 01.07.2016
For issue of duplicate certificates (NSC/KVP), the procedure prescribed in Rule 160 of POSB (CBS) Manual/Rule 43 and 44 of POSB Manual Volume II should be followed (taking of indemnity bond) after receipt of payment of fee prescribed in “GSPR-2018 Schedule II” for issue of Passbook in lieu of lost or mutilated certificates per registration (circulated vide SB Order 3/2020 dated 10.01.2020 and its addendum dated 03.03.2020.
After issue of sanction by Postmaster of HO, the duplicate passbook is to be issued and details of old certificates are to be entered manually in the passbook under dated signatures with designation stamp of Postmaster.

(B) Certificates (KVP/NSC) issued on or after 01.07.2016 in the shape of Passbook: – The procedure prescribed for issuance of duplicate passbook in Rule 45 of POSB(CBS) Manual/Rule 68 of POSB Manual Volume I should be followed after receipt of payment of fee prescribed in “GSPR-2018 Schedule II” for issue of duplicate passbook (circulated vide SB Order 03/2020 dated 10.01.20 and its addendum dated 03,03.2020).

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