How to open NPS account through central KYC (CKYC)

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The Pension Fund Regulatory and development Authority (PFRDA) announced the new method to register an NPS account through CKYC for prospective Subscribers.
PFRDA had enabled several methods of digital onboarding into NPS, including Digi Locker Issued Documents, Aadhaar eKYC/XML, and PAN/Bank Account.

What is CKYC?

Central KYC (CKYC) is a one-of-a-kind initiative of the Government of India (GoI) to enable NPS subscribers/financial investors to complete their KYC only once for interacting with multiple service providers across the financial sector under the jurisdiction of several regulators.

According to the PFRDA press release, “ CKYC Identification Number is a 14-digit number allotted by CERSAI to an investor post completion of CKYC formalities. The prospective Subscribers can also check their CKYC number/ status online by visiting the web portal of the financial institutions providing a CKYC check facility.”

How to register CKYC for NPS account?

Step 1: open the website

Step 2: Enter subscriber details in the Registration page.

  • First name
  • PAN
  • Date of Birth
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number (linked with KYC/ Aadhaar)

Step 3: Select ‘Open New Account’.

Step 4: Subscriber to enter the OTP received in their mobile and enter the OTP received in their email

Points to note

  • Subscriber’s PAN, DOB and email and mobile number is checked with CKYC. If PAN, DOB and email / mobile number matches, then subscriber’s KYC details available will be display as a pop up on the screen.
  • If the subscriber wishes to proceed with the details available in CKYC, they may select ‘Yes’ and proceed. Else select ‘No’ and choose eKYC as the other KYC option.

Step 5: Once online KYC is completed, KYC status will display ‘verified’.

Step 6: Subscriber can select applicant type and status and proceed.

  • Subscriber’s name will populate against the Name field as available in CKYC and is un-editable.
  • DOB will be as per CKYC and is un-editable.
  • Father’s name, Mother’s name, Gender if available in CKYC will populate against the respective field and is editable
  • Subscriber’s address as available in CKYC will populate against the address field and is un-editable

Step 7: Once all the mandatory data has been entered, subscriber can select the ‘Save Details’ button and proceed with generating Acknowledgement number.

A confirmation number is generated and given to the subscriber through SMS and email. A copy of the receipt can also be downloaded by the subscriber.

Note that the CKYC subscriber’s photo will be auto-populated and is not editable. The CKYC subscriber signature will be auto-populated and editable.

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