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The High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday in a press release said that India has now resumed the e-Visa regime for Malaysian nationals effective December 06.

Since the e-visa system has been restored, Malaysian passport holders can now apply for three different types of e-visas, including those for visiting India for business, tourism, or medical reasons.

India e-Visa for Malaysian Nationals

The India Embassy in a press release said, “Attention of the public is invited to the decision of the Government of India to restore the e-Visa regime with all the sub-categories, duration and number of entries with immediate effect in respect of Malaysian nationals.”

“Malaysian nationals, desirous of travelling to India, may also now avail of the e-Visa facility through an online web portal which can be accessed at the release further stated.

Indian e-Visa for Malaysian Nationals

It is worth noting that Malaysian visitors entering India with a Tourist eVisa can choose from three types of e-Visas including…

  • The double entry Tourist eVisa – Valid for 30 days
  • The Multiple Entry Tourist eVisa – Valid for 1 year
  • The Multiple Entry Tourist eVisa – Valid for 5 years

The one-year and five-year visas both allow for a continuous stay of no more than 90 days during each visit. Notably, all three types of visas must be used within 120 days (4 months) of their issuance.

It is important to mention that recently India restored the e-Visa facility for UK National as well which is suspended since the Covid-19 pandemic. This means, British tourists and business visitors to India as will no longer be required to make an in-person appointment at a visa applications centre.

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