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In what would lend a considerable boost to tourism and commerce between India and South America, India will soon sign an air service agreement (ASA) with Guyana, allowing airlines of both sides to fly between the two countries. The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 22 approved the signing of the Air Services Agreement (ASA) between the Government of India and the Government of Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

The ASA will come into force after the exchange of diplomatic notes between the parties confirming that each party has completed the necessary internal procedure for entry into force of this agreement, a statement released by the government said.

Once signed, this ASA between the two countries will provide enabling environment for enhanced and seamless connectivity while providing commercial opportunities to the carriers of both the sides.

ASA provides the legal framework for air operations between two countries which is based on the principles of sovereignty of nations, nationality of carriers and reciprocity in terms of commercial opportunities for the designated airlines of each side.

“Indians have a sizeable presence in Guyana and are the largest ethnic group comprising about 40 per cent of the population as per 2012 census. The signing of ASA with Guyana will enable a framework for provision of air services between the two countries,” the statement said.

In view of the growing aviation market and developments such as liberalisation of the aviation sector in India, the government has signed air services agreements with many countries to pave a way for International air connectivity.

At present, there is no ASA between the Government of India and the Government of Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

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