Indian Domestic Air Traffic Hits New High With Over 4.5 Lakhs Passengers In A Single Day

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The Indian domestic air traffic has achieved an all-time high with 4,56,082 passengers in a single day on Sunday, surpassing the pre-Covid average. According to the Civil Aviation Ministry’s tweet on Monday, this is a sign of the country’s rising growth and prosperity.

Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic

The country’s domestic air traffic has been on a recovery path for the past several months after being severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The increasing number of passengers is a positive sign that the aviation sector is recovering from the pandemic’s economic impact.

The Civil Aviation Minister’s Remark

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia expressed his enthusiasm regarding the growth of the civil aviation sector, which is setting new records every day. Scindia added that the skyrocketing domestic air passenger number is a sign of the country’s rising prosperity.

Comparing Pre-Covid and Current Scenario

Before Covid-19, the average daily domestic passenger number was 3,98,579. The total number of passengers flew on 2,978 flights on Sunday, which is significantly higher than the pre-Covid average. This increase indicates that domestic air travel has surpassed the pre-pandemic levels.

Passenger Traffic in March

According to the latest data from the aviation regulator DGCA, in March 2023, domestic carriers flew 128.93 lakh passengers, an increase of 21.4% compared to the year-ago period. During the January-March period, the airlines carried 375.04 lakh passengers.

This marks a monthly growth rate of 21.41%, indicating a steady recovery in the sector.

The data also showed that IndiGo continued to lead the domestic market with a 56.8% market share, while TATA Group Airlines had a market share of 25.3%.

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