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The Indian High Commission in London, UK has announced the launch of new options for delivering Indian visa services for UK nationals. The new visa services, which will be provided by its visa service provider VFS Global, will be available beginning November 1, 2022.

Notably, VFS Global manages visa and passport issuance-related administrative and non-discretionary tasks for its client governments.

Vikram Doraisamy, the Indian high commissioner explained the new steps they have taken on their social media account, the details of which will be published and implemented effective from November 1st, 2022.

The Indian High Commission, according to Vikram, will take four major steps to provide streamlined visa service to Indian Visa applicants in the United Kingdom.

  1. New Visa Application Centre in Marylebone
  2. Group Tourism Visa
  3. Visa At Your Doorstep Services
  4. Online form completion services

1. New Visa Application Centre in Marylebone

“First of the new things we will be doing are the opening of the new visa process facility at in Marylebone in central London which should be able to facilitate greater access and ease to visa applications”, he said,

2. Group Tourism Visa

In addition to opening a new visa application centre, the Indian Embassy will provide relief to group tourists. To facilitate those who travel as a group either through a travel agency to the same destination and same flights. This process will be in place again and instructions will be up and available for use in the Servies from 1st November 2022.

3. Visa at Your Doorstep

VFS Global, the official partner of the Indian Embassy will also start a new service ‘Visa at your doorstep’, which is at a cost, where you will have your papers collected from the doorsteps of your residence and brought back to you after processing.

4. Online Form Completion

“The Servies provider VFS Global will also help you to get your forms processed online at an additional cost. With payment, you will have your completed application scrutinized by the visa service provider which will save you time and energy”, Vikram Added.

New Visa Rules for UK Nationals

It is worth noting that India recently changed the visa rules for UK nationals seeking a tourist visa to India. According to the revised rules, citizens must now apply for tourist visas in person at visa application centres in the United Kingdom.

The application process for individual visas, however, remains unchanged, and all other requirements and procedures for applicants remain unchanged.

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