IndiGo Announces 21 Additional Domestic Flights Under Winter Schedule: Details Here 

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In-line with its vision to strengthen regional connectivity, IndiGo, India’s leading carrier, has launched 21 additional flights as part of its winter schedule for 2022-23.

The operations commenced December 09, 2022 onwards for flights from Hyderabad and Kolkata to beach destinations like Port Blair, Kochi, and Goa respectively. These seasonal additions are being introduced to cater to the increasing demand and improve accessibility in the region.

IndiGo Additional Flights Under Winter Schedule

Flight No.OriginDestinationFrequencyEffectiveDepartureArrival
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, FriDec 09, 202211:3514:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, FriDec 09, 202214:4017:20
6E 0637HyderabadKochiMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 09, 20227:208:45
6E 0636KochiHyderabadMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 09, 20229:1510:50
6E 6525KolkataGoaDailyDec 10, 202223:302:30
6E 6526GoaKolkataDailyDec 11, 20223:005:40
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 19, 202211:3514:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 19, 202214:4017:20
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, Wed, Fri, SunJan 01, 202311:3014:10
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, SunJan 09, 202311:3014:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, SunJan 09, 202314:4017:20
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, Wed, Fri, SunJan 16, 202311:3014:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, Wed, Fri, SunJan 16, 202314:4017:20
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, SunJan 23, 202311:3014:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, SunJan 23, 202314:4017:20
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, Wed, Fri, SunJan 30, 202311:3014:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, Wed, Fri, SunJan 30, 202314:4017:20
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, SunFeb 06, 202311:3014:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, SunFeb 06, 202314:4017:20
6E 0682HyderabadPort BlairMon, WedFeb 13, 202311:3014:10
6E 0683Port BlairHyderabadMon, WedFeb 13, 202314:4017:20

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, IndiGo said;

“We are witnessing high traffic demand which is enabling the industry’s recovery. As beach destinations are in high demand from October to February, these new flights will increase direct connectivity from Hyderabad and Kolkata to Port Blair, Kochi, and Goa respectively.”

“Our winter schedule flights will add capacity and make travel affordable, while offering more options to customers. We will continue to uphold our promise of providing a courteous, on-time, hassle-free, and affordable travel experience.

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