Jhiri Mela 2022 in Jammu; Know Dates, History, Attractions, Ticket Price, Venue and Other Details

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Every year in the months of October and November, Jammu hosts the Jhiri Mela, a fair organised as a tribute to a great farmer. The festival honours a farmer’s bravery and his sacrifice for the farming community’s freedom. Baba Jit Mal’s Samadhi, also known as Baba Jitto, is located in Shama Chak Jhiri, about 22 kilometres from Jammu. After being duped by the local Kardar, he had given his life.

As it is held to honour the holy soul of the farmer known as Baba Jitu, this Jhiri Mela is also known as the Farmer’s Fair. The sugarcane crop, which is brought to the fair by the majority of visitors and farmers, also receives a substantial selling outlet thanks to this event. It is a significant occasion for a family outing, and kids and ladies really enjoy it. There are many stalls filled with a variety of attractive items, including pottery and vases, toys, cutlery, and books. Lasts for over a week, there are a variety of regional dishes available, dances and songs are planned, and so on.

Every person who visits the fair finds it to be an exhilarating event. The Jhiri Mela emphasizes bravery, culture, and candor and embraces sincerity, innocence, and humility. During the Jhiri Mela, tens of thousands of visitors from throughout India congregate to pay respects to the farmer’s Samadhi.

Jhiri Mela


Jhiri Mela 2022 History:

Every year, between October and November, Jhiri Mela is observed to remember the honest farmer Jitu Baba Jhiri Mela, who was martyred. His landlord frequently threatened him, forcing him to give his crops away. He was compelled to kill himself in protest against the local landowner’s misdeeds. The purpose of this celebration is to honour the Baba’s honesty, and on this special day, Jitu Baba devotees from all across India get together to celebrate this pretty event.

Jhiri Mela 2022 Attractions:

The mela’s major draw is a spectacular theatrical production by local artists that tells the story of Bawa Jitto Ji’s life and sacrifice. The district administration works with the community to plan a series of activities including sports, dramas, local folk songs, and dangal. All departments are required to set up their booths to highlight their accomplishments for the visitors’ education and information. Agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, animal husbandry, and rural development are the key departments that take part and set up their booths. For the advantage of visitors, the tourism department additionally distributes literature and other information. It is claimed that after bowing to Bawa Jitto Ji, devotees reach Mata Vaishno Devi.

According to reports, because farmers are the main attendees of this mela, the government has made every effort to set up special awareness stalls to educate them about the new initiatives and technology produced for their benefit. The purpose of this mela is to promote the region’s rich sporting and cultural heritage and to make it available to the people.

Jhiri Mela


Jhiri Mela 2022 Dates:

7th November to 16th November 2022

Jhiri Mela 2022 Venue:

Jhiri village, Jammu.

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