Longest Train Journeys In The World; Know Routes, Distance Covered And Duration

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The most memorable part of traveling is the beautiful journey we take to reach one place to another. There are different modes of transport in the world including ships, flights, and roads, but the experience which comes with Trains is not comparable to any other transport in the world.

Train journeys are slow, but the slowness will teach you to enjoy time and experience the landscapes closely, just outside your window, make new friends when on a long journey, witness different locations every few kilometers, and eat differently at every station your train stops.

Have you ever imagined, how it will feel to take the longest train journey in the world, What are the longest train journeys in the world, How many days it will last, or how much distance it will cover? To answer all your questions, respecting your curiosity, we are here with the list of longest train journeys in the world with their distance covered and duration.

Longest Train journeys In The world

Here is the list of the Longest Train journeys In The world:

5) California Zephyr:

The California Zephyr is thought to be the country’s longest train journey. Between Chicago and San Francisco, the Zephyr travels across Nebraska’s plains to Denver, over the Rockies to Salt Lake City, past Reno and Sacramento, and finally into Emeryville/San Francisco.

Duration: 3 days
Distance: 3,920 kilometers

4) Vivek Express:

It travels from the northeastern end of the nation to the southernmost point, the train between Dibrugarh, Assam, and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. A wonderful way to see how India’s scenery and culture are evolving is to take this 4,154-kilometer journey, which has 57 stations in between.

Duration: 4 days
Distance: 4,154 kilometers

3) Indian Pacific:

From Perth to Sydney, the Indian Pacific crosses the whole length of Australia in four days and three nights. Adelaide, Cook’s ghost town, and Broken Hill are among the stops. Along its path, the Trans-Australian Railway crosses the Nullarbor Plain for 478 kilometres (297 miles), making it the longest straight railroad in the world.

Duration: 4 days
Distance: 4,352 kilometers

Longest Train journeys In The world

2) The Canadian:

Canada and its breathtaking scenery are visited on this three-day train journey. Approximately 4,460 kilometres are covered between Toronto and Vancouver and will provide some of the best views in Canada. There are three classes available: Prestige, Sleeper Plus, and Economy. Then there are dining cars and a Skyline vehicle with a dome on top.

Duration: 4 days
Distance: 4,460 kilometers

1) The Trans-Siberian Express:

The longest railroad currently operating on Earth links western Russia to the far east of the country. You begin in Moscow and arrive in Vladivostok after a six-day journey. With changing sights, places, and time zones, the picturesque trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Duration: 6 days
Distance: 9,289 kilometers

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