ManaliSwing: World’s First AI Backed Giant Swing

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Manali has got big news for adventure seekers. A giant swing powered by artificial intelligence has been constructed by ManaliSwing, an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi-incubated firm (AI). In Manali, the public will get access to the swing in January 2023 under “impeccable” security.

Four adventure enthusiasts and friends who are also certified rock climbers and mountaineers developed the first of its kind, ManaliSwing. They came up with the idea for the project five years ago, and they registered their startup in 2021. The business has finished its human trials and is submitting several patent applications for ideas and designs.

Government officials in Dubai and some Swiss organizations have expressed interest in its work. According to reports, the Dubai authorities approached them about introducing the swing to Dubai. The first enormous swing is now located in Manali, but plans are being made to install a second one in Switzerland as well. Additionally, it has been said that if the swing in Manali is a success, a second one will be introduced in Goa before expanding to other countries.


Specialties of ManaliSwing:

1) The massive swing at ManaliSwing is comparable to bungee jumping.

2) Instead of falling on a rubber bungee line, the rider’s 70-meter freefall is followed by a massive swing on two dynamic ropes.

3) Over 100 different jump styles are available to enthusiasts, and all of them are AI-secured. A trial consisting of 1,000 dummy jumps and then human jumps have been completed successfully.

4) Using millions of data points to track each participant’s and the Jump Master’s performance, the AI will then decide whether to allow jumping.

5) The likelihood of accidents and fatalities at the site will be reduced by AI. The company asserts that the AI will forbid jumping if it discovers any issues with the jump protocols.


Fares of ManaliSwing:

Price-wise, interested parties must pay INR 3000 per jump, which covers transportation as well as photography and videography services.

So, now you have one more reason to be excited about your Manali trip and to try out this new innovation in Manali and have the most awaited thrilling experience in Manali, with something very unique and full of beauty.

Please note: the images are for representation only and the timing and fares are subject to change. It is advisable to check the details officially once you travel after the launch of this mesmerizing giant swing.

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