Ministry of Tourism Unveil Logo For Visit India Year 2023

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The Minister of Tourism, G. Kishan Reddy, recently held a launch event in New Delhi to unveil the Visit India Year 2023 initiative and its accompanying logo.

This initiative marks the start of a year-long effort to promote tourism in India, with an array of plans and activities being organized to achieve this goal.

During the launch, Minister Reddy highlighted the significance of the initiative, stating that it is taking place in an important year as India is hosting the G20 summit.

He estimated that over 100,000 foreign delegates are expected to visit India this year, and they will be given an opportunity to experience the diverse cultural offerings of the country, such as its monuments and festivals.

Furthermore, Minister Reddy emphasized the role of each foreign delegate as a brand ambassador of India’s cultural heritage and tourist destinations.

He also announced that his ministry is working in collaboration with Indian missions and other relevant stakeholders to create a welcoming and accommodating environment for foreign visitors during the Visit India Year 2023.

In conclusion, the Visit India Year 2023 initiative serves as a platform for the country to showcase its cultural heritage and tourist destinations to the world.

The coordinated efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and other relevant stakeholders aim to create a welcoming environment for foreign visitors and to leave a lasting impression on them as brand ambassadors of India.

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