Only Place In South India Where Elephants Gets Official Spa

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Today I have got you an “It happens only in India” moment. Indians are known worldwide when it comes to animals and human friendship. They do treat animals equal to them or even better sometimes.

One such place is there in the state of Kerala, located in the southern part of India, where there is a special place where elephants are treated like royalty. By royalty I mean actual royalty as for many years, elephants have played an important role in the cultural and religious traditions of Kerala.

As I have to give you an “It happens only in India” moment, just answer me one thing, We all need rejuvenating treatments like spas as humans at least once a year. Right? What if I tell you that Elephants also in South India get spa treatment every year?

A special facility in Guruvayur called Punnathur Kotta Elephant Yard offers a range of treatments for these wonderful animals. In the name of wellness & pampering, dozens of elephants are given the chance to take advantage of massages, body scrubs, and nourishing meals here.

Elephant Spa

This elephant sanctuary, also known as “Aanakotta,” which translates to “Elephant Fort,” was formerly a palace. Up to 60 elephants can reside in this Aanakotta. Why can’t Elephants have a spa day? Every year in July, these elephants receive this special luxury treatment at the back of the Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple at Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard.

The sanctuary, which is connected to the Guruvayur Temple, provides ‘Sukha Chikitsa’, or elephant ayurveda treatments, for the elephants. As mentioned above, the unique therapies include calming massages, opulent scrub baths, a carefully chosen diet, and herbal remedies that rejuvenate the elephants & help keep them in good health.

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The camp is not open to all elephants, though. Elephants that are hard to tame or who are known to be unruly are not permitted to enter because they could harm other elephants if given excessive attention or pampering.

Elephant Spa

A fortunate group of elephants gets to take advantage of and unwind during a day of pampering at this spa. At the Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple, the elephants that make up the majority of processions are chosen to live in luxury for an entire day.

The Kerala government and locals have been helping in making sure elephants continue to play a significant role in the cultural and religious traditions of the area for many years to come by providing these majestic animals with a secure and caring environment.

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