Parts of the aviation sector to be included in amended EU green classification – document – ET TravelWorld

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Parts of the aviation sector could be included in an updated version of the EU’s green taxonomy, according to a draft document.The EU taxonomy is a complex system to classify which parts of the economy may be marketed as sustainable investments. It includes economic activities, as well as detailed environmental criteria that each economic activity must meet to earn a green label.

Aviation leasing, manufacturing, passenger and freight flights are included in the draft updating the classification, which is not yet public and was first obtained by French publication Contexte.

The document outlines the sector’s activities that could be considered as “contributing substantially to climate change mitigation.” Their inclusion could help the sector receive more climate-friendly financing.

It also stipulates, for example, that by 2030 aircraft in use have to use a “minimum share of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), corresponding to 10 per cent in 2030 and increased by two percentage points annually thereafter,” the document said.

Some air transportation ground handling operations would also be included in the classification.

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