Royal Highland Festival Bhutan 2022: A Festival Celebration At 3,820 Meters Above Sea Level

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In Laya, Bhutan, the annual two-day Royal Highland Festival honors the customs of the highland nomads. It is one of Bhutan’s distinctive festivities. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Bhutan’s fifth king, founded this festival in 2016 to encourage highland culture and boost the country’s economy. The Royal Highlander Festival offers you a peek at how highlanders in northern Bhutan’s Himalayas live.

Parades, contests, and competitions using highland animals including horses, yaks, and mastiffs will define the two-day celebration. The creatures are stunning to look at because they are dressed in pricey fabrics, and equipped with bells. In addition to this, a range of cultural activities will be carried out by the Layaps, the local indigenous people of Laya.These celebrations feature customary dances, music, gift-giving, and poem readings.

Royal Highland Festival Bhutan

The festival will also have booths selling regional goods, as well as, among other things, medical plants, and herbs. Several tribes from the high Himalayas send their animals down to compete in races at this festival, which also attracts groups from all around Bhutan.

Royal Highland Festival Bhutan Dates 2022:

From 23rd October to 24th October 2022, Bhutan will host the Royal Highland Festival, according to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

Royal Highland Festival Bhutan Venue 2022:

The Royal Highland Festival is held in Laya, Bhutan, a far-flung highland community at an elevation of about 4,000 meters (12,000 feet). It is, however, one of Bhutan’s most beautiful festival sites. It is a perfect location for the festival because of the charming settlement and stunning surrounding peaks.

Royal Highland Festival Bhutan

Royal Highland Festival Bhutan Attractions 2022:

  • Laya Run
  • Strong Man Competition
  • Cultural Program
  • Meet The stunning Highlanders
  • Animal Race
  • Cultural dance and performances
  • Poetry

How to Reach Royal Highland Festival Bhutan:

There are no motorable roads leading to Laya. Visitors can drive to Tongchudra and then hike for six hours to Laya, one of Bhutan’s most beautiful destinations, to get to the location. You can even choose to take a helicopter ride or use one of the porter horses that are available to assist hikers.

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