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Salam Air, the budget-friendly airline headquartered in Oman, has delivered a significant blow to travellers by announcing the cessation of all flights to India, effective October 1. This sudden decision has left passengers in a lurch and raised concerns about the potential surge in airfares.

Cancellation Announcement

Salam Air has taken a bold step by discontinuing all services to India, citing constraints in the aircraft allocation for these routes. The airline has gone as far as disabling the ticket booking feature on its website to reflect this change.

Travel agencies have also received official communication regarding this decision, compounding the impact on travellers.

Passenger Impact

Travellers who had previously booked tickets with Salam Air have been swiftly notified of the service cancellations. They have been assured that a full refund will be provided for their bookings, and they can seek assistance directly from Salam Air or through recognized travel agencies.

A representative from a travel agency stated, “Necessary measures are being taken to refund the full ticket amount to all passengers who had booked on Salam Air.”

Service Routes Affected

Salam Air currently operates direct services between Muscat and Thiruvananthapuram, Lucknow, and Jaipur, as well as between Salalah and Kozhikode. In addition, various connecting services were available. However, starting from October 1, no bookings will be accepted for these sectors.

Remarkably, Salam Air had recently unveiled plans to introduce an additional service to Kozhikode from the same date, which has also now been cancelled. The airline, however, has not disclosed the duration of these service cancellations.

Impact on Passengers and Airfares

Salam Air has long been a preferred choice for passengers travelling between India and Oman, particularly those with limited budgets. The sudden discontinuation of services has left many travellers, especially Keralites, facing uncertainties and inconveniences in their travel plans.

Moreover, the absence of Salam Air’s services is expected to lead to a reduction in flight options to Oman, potentially causing a significant spike in airfares.

As the airline grapples with aircraft allocation issues, travellers are left hoping for a swift resolution to this disruption in their travel plans and budget-conscious individuals brace themselves for the possible financial implications due to rising airfare costs.


Salam Air’s decision to cancel all flights to India from October 1 has sent shockwaves through the travel industry, affecting both passengers and airfares. The airline’s future plans and the duration of these cancellations remain uncertain, leaving travellers in a state of limbo as they seek alternatives for their upcoming journeys.

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