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VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourcing company for governments and diplomatic missions, has noticed a steady increase in demand from India for Thai e-Visa on-arrival applications.

The number of applications increased seven times between March 2022 (when the Indian government resumed regular international flights) and October 2022, according to VFS Global.

Notably, the eVisa On Arrival (eVOA) service was introduced in 2019 by VFS Global and the Immigration Bureau of Thailand.

“The steady growth in eVOA applications reiterates changing customers’ preference towards seamless digital services. This service enables faster clearance of immigration upon arrival in Thailand through dedicated counters at major airports in Thailand,” said Noel Swain, COO – of Passport, eVisa and I&CS, VFS Global.

Thailand’s eVOA

Thailand’s eVOA ensures a very simple and quick arrival process in Thailand – something that every Traveller desires after a long flight. Applications for the Thailand E-VOA can be submitted online, through travel agents, or at any VFS Global Visa Application Centre.

  • eVOA holders save time and get a faster immigration service at dedicated Immigration counters at major airports in Thailand.
  • Travellers receive their travel authorization online pre-departure within 24 to 72 hours of the application being submitted.
  • An ‘Express eVisa On Arrival’ service is also available for approval within 24 hours

Applications are to be submitted on or at VFS Global visa application centres across the globe.

Long Queues for Visas On-Arrival

Recently, the Royal Thai Embassy in India suggests Indians get a visa from the embassy as the Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) currently witnessing long queues of tourists, who have to wait for hours to get on-arrival visas.

Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Pattarat Hongtong also advised Indian tourists to obtain visas from the embassy or consulate to avoid long lines at Bangkok’s airport for immigration clearance.

He also added that the Thai authorities are flooded with complaints from helpless tourists.

“I think it is quite natural for any airport, not only Thailand. When we open the borders, nobody can expect the actual number of incoming visitors or tourists. So that’s why for Indians, we advise them to get the visa from embassy or consulate before travelling to Thailand that can be helpful to things.”

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