The Largest Decorated Egg World Record Has Been Made While You Were Celebrating Easter

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Guinness World Records are locking fascinating new records now and then. But can you think of a world record that can be related to Easter and its decoration worldwide?

Largest Easter Egg

The practice of decorating and painting eggs has developed into a beloved custom during the Easter holiday season in many cultures and nations around the world which reflects the happiness and celebration brought by Easter every year.

This year the world record has been made by the residents of Pomerode in Brazil which took the celebration to another level and created “The Largest Decorated Easter Egg” ever.

The record-breaking egg was unveiled on 18th February 2023, by the Associaço Visite Pomerode in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is an astounding 16.72 metres (54 ft 10 inches) tall and 10.88 metres (35 ft 8 inches) in diameter. The previous record had dimensions of 10.65 metres (34.94 ft) in diameter and 15.98 metres (52.43 ft) in height.

About Pomerode:

Pomerode is a city located in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil, in the Itaja Valley. It is referred to as the most German city in Brazil and was founded in the nineteenth century by German migrants from the region of Pomerania.

Pomerode is regarded as the “most quintessentially German of all German settlements of southern Brazil” and was established by Pomeranians in 1861. Pomerode’s 90% German-speaking population is one of its most noteworthy features.

Pomerode is renowned for hosting one of Latin America’s largest annual Easter festivals, the “Osterfest,” every year.

About Osterfest:

Osterfest, commonly referred to as the Easter Festival, is a customary German festival that honours the start of spring & the Easter holiday. Several German cities and towns hold cultural events and activities throughout the Osterfest period, including Easter marketplaces, live music, traditional dances, and egg decorating competitions.

One of the most iconic traditions associated with Osterfest is the Easter egg. There are numerous possibilities to take part in egg-decorating workshops or buy ornamental eggs as mementos during the event. Decorating eggs with vibrant patterns and colors is a long-standing tradition among Germans.

This year’s Osterfest, which began on February 16 and goes until April 9, 2023, boasts as one of its primary attractions the new record-breaking largest decorated Easter egg in the world.

Making of the world’s biggest Easter Egg:

A whole team was required to put together the egg which got the title of the Largest decorated Easter egg in the world. It was designed by local artist Joana Wachholz and was made of fibreglass panels for the exterior as well as an iron structure for the inside.

The process of declaring it as the world’s biggest easter egg:

Largest Easter Egg

Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator Sarah Casson was present there to verify the record and award the certificate. Casson had to reach the top of the egg with the help of a separate civil engineer in order to take precise measurements of its Diameter and height via crane.

The egg is unique in more ways than just its size. Its artistic shapes and coloring were influenced by Kashubian folk art, which is renowned for its embroidered flowers & vibrant shapes.

A brief history of the Biggest Easter Egg in the world:

This record was previously held by Associaço Visite Pomerode in 2019, but they lose the title in year 2022 when Port Aventura Entertainment, SAU made a bigger Easter Egg. After making an even larger egg for the holiday celebrations this year in 2023, the record is once again in the hands of Pomerode.

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An Official Statement:

In an official statement Manfredo Goede, President, of Associação Visite Pomerode said that “It is a great joy to see Pomerode in Guinness World Records again, regaining the title of largest decorated egg, and adding visibility to our Easter festival, the “Osterfest”. Our giant egg this year honours the painting traditions of Kashubia, a region of Pomerania, where the immigrants who founded our city came from. It was a huge task to build and decorate this egg, with many people involved, but it was certainly worth it!” which was stated on the official website of Guinness World Records.

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