The Only Place In South India Where Snow Falls

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“There is snowfall happening in North India”. Does this sentence even excite you? No. Right? Because it is very natural in North India to have snowfalls. But what if I say that there is a region in South India that receives snowfall in winter and it’s the only region in South India where snow falls?

Yes! This place of weather wonder is located in South India and is famously known as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. Now that you know it’s from Andhra Pradesh. Any guesses? It has become a popular tourist attraction as well in recent years due to its all-year-round pleasant weather and snowfall wonder in winter.

Is it time to reveal the name of the place?

Without further due, we are as excited as you to reveal the name of the place called Lambasingi, the only village in South India where snow falls. The climate of Lambasingi is unique compared to the rest of South India.

The little village of Lambasingi, popularly referred to as the “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh,” is located at an elevation of 1025 metres in the stunning and highly forested Eastern Ghats of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.


A hidden gem which shows wonders in winter, Lambasingi is famed for its stunning hills, gorgeous valleys, and pleasant temperature year around. Lambasingi is also referred to as Korra Bayalu in the local language, which means that if someone stays outside, they will freeze like a stick.

Lambasingi is home to a remote tribal community that works on the pepper and coffee plantations where the scene looks mesmerizing if you visit the site. One of the best places to get your Instagram worthy picture is here in between the pepper and coffee plantation. You can take some coffee home as well to treat your mornings!

Lambasingi, which is surrounded by captivating hills and thick forests, is the ideal weekend retreat from Visakhapatnam since the small village is constantly shrouded in an enchanting white mist that keeps the temperature always pleasant.

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) is promoting this charming town as an ecotourism destination, far from the bustle of the cities where people can travel for peace, nature, and a calm atmosphere.

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When you can see snowfall in Lambasingi?

As mentioned above Lambasingi is famous throughout the year destination as it is always calm and peaceful there with cool breeze maximum time of the year.

But if you want to witness the snowfall here and make a travel history being someone who witnessed snowfall in south India then you have to travel there in winter, specially from November to January, when the temperature goes to 0 degrees here and creates a high chance of snowfall. Though it is not guaranteed when you can see snowfall as it doesn’t happen evet year religiously.


Places to visit in Lambasinghi:

  • Thajangi Reservoir
  • Kothapalli Waterfalls
  • Susan Garden
  • Ghat Road
  • Bojjannakonda
  • Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary
  • Annavaram Temple
  • Yerravaram Waterfalls

How to Reach:

By Airways: the closest international airport to Lambasinghi is 115 km named Visakhapatnam Airport.

By Railways: Closest railway station to Lambasingi is Anakapalle which is approximately 72 km away but you can get a direct train and it is considered one of the best rail routes to reach here.

By Roadways: t has excellent road connections to all other cities & towns. So, if you want to do a road journey, it won’t be problematic.

Best time to visit:

November to February

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