Toyota Hilux EV, IMV0 concepts revealed by Akio Toyoda

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Green concept pickup trucks on IMV or Innova platform showcased in Thailand; one year away from production.

Toyota has showcased the IMV0 (zero) and Hilux Revo BEV concepts in Bangkok and stated that the models are one year away from production. Developed to celebrate 60 years of Toyota in Thailand, these pickup truck concepts use the Hilux as a base and look to provide a greener alternative when compared to more traditional powertrains. While no details of the EV or for that matter the alternate energy vehicle (IMV0) have been shared, both technologies could, in the future, logically be used on other cars that are built on the IMV platform like the Innova Crysta and the Fortuner.

  1. Concepts based on Innova Crysta’s IMV platform
  2. Toyota looking at multiple fuel options for future vehicles

The green project was actually initiated by President Akio Toyoda. Chosen to lead the IMV project back in 2002, the one that spawned the Hilux Vigo, Innova and Fortuner, Toyoda fought against the odds to engineer the truck right and get it out on time. It was a tough task, but in the end, he and the team in Thailand succeeded and the IMV platform today has spawned more than seven million vehicles. 

“I was quite young for such a position at the time,” he said “and I also happened to have the last name Toyoda. As you can imagine, there were plenty of people in Japan placing bets on whether the project would fail.” The Vigo remains one of the fondest memories of my career and it shaped my leadership style more than anything else. So, as a way of saying thank you, I decided to challenge our engineering and design teams to create a brand new IMV pickup truck for Thailand, something truly affordable and truly innovative.”

Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation. 

Toyota’s President also spoke about his love of cars, sustainability and carbon neutrality. “As you may have figured, I don’t just like cars… I love them!,” he said, endearing himself to the audience. Then he spoke about future propulsion systems. “I am often criticised in the press because I won’t declare that the automotive industry should commit 100 percent to BEVs. Frankly, BEVs are not the only way to achieve the world’s carbon neutrality goals. Personally, I would rather pursue every option, not just one. Emission-free synthetic fuels, hydrogen, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles and full battery electric cars like our new bZ4X.” “But we’re not stopping there,” he elaborated. “We’ve introduced fuel cell vehicles like our Toyota Mirai and are pursuing hydrogen fuel options for the GR-Yaris.” 

Toyoda also said he believes a holistic approach to carbon neutrality is much needed. How we source materials, how we manufacture cars, what powertrains we put in them, and how we dispose of them. And it must be a group effort and include other industries beyond automotive. 

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