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Finally, a piece of good news for those who are planning to travel to the United Kingdom, the visa with times for the country has now been reduced and will now only take the standard 15 days on working days.

It is worth mentioning here that earlier, the UK visa is taking an average of 7 weeks to process but even longer in some applications may depending on their complexity.

UK Visa decision waiting times are now reduced

Alex Ellis, the British High Commissioner to India shared this news from his official Twitter handle along with a video message, “Good news for those travelling from India to the United Kingdom – visit visas now within the standard time of 15 working days (with a small number of trickier cases taking longer).”

“Namaste, two months ago I said that our aim was by the end of this year to be turning around visit visas from India to the UK within our standard time of 15 working days.”

“The Great news is the team have now achieve that through fantastic work here in Delhi and across the whole visa network. There are still a few cases which take longer, very complex ones and that’s right that they do. But this enables now people to move to India and the UK with much grater ease.”

said Alexander Ellis in a video message posted on Twitter.

Alex also commented on the priority and super priority visas, stating that it is possible to use the priority visa channel if desired and that the visa will be processed within five days.

“And finally, we have a big intake of student visas for the student session starting in January of next year. Please apply as quickly as you can because there’s a lot of demand and for everyone applying for visas, make sure that you provide the right information look, check what information we’re asking for and make sure you provide it,” Alex Ellis concluded.

UK Visit Visa

If you want to visit the UK, apply for a Standard Visitor visa, which allows you to stay for up to 6 months.

  • For a holiday or to see family and friends
  • For a business trip or meeting-
  • To do a short course of study

To study, work, visit, or reunite with family in the UK, you might require a visa. The UK is offering various types of visas depending on:

  • Where do you come from
  • Why do you want to come to the UK?
  • How long do you want to stay for
  • Your personal circumstances and skills

Alex Warned Against Rising UK Visa Scams

Recently, the British High Commissioner to India also warned about the presence of visa scammers on the internet last week, who are using his name to trick Indian nationals seeking UK visas.

He also advised applicants to be wary if the deal appears ‘too good to be true.’

Alex said applicants to be suspicious:

  • If it sounds too good to be true – such as an easy job in the UK, or a way to get a UK visa quickly and easily.
  • If you are guaranteed a visa to the UK using documents the scammer provides.
  • If you are asked for money via email or phone. Do not share your bank account or credit card details. We’ll never ask you to make payments to personal accounts.

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