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According to Taranjit Singh Sandhu, India’s ambassador to the United States said on Wednesday that they have made US officials realise the importance of Indians visiting the United States, particularly STEM professionals (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

US Visa Wait Time to Fall Sharply

In response to a question about the delay in US visas, Sandhu said;

“About two third of the total Indians who travel to the US on various type of visas belong to the field of science and technology and they bring value and competitive edge. After the issue of visa delays was taken up by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar with his counterpart during his recent visit to the US, the situation has started improving.”

“In a recent information released by US embassy in India, more than one lakh appointments of H and L workers have been recently released and with this the waiting time for US visas for Indians will come down drastically.”

Study in India

He went on to say that universities like Chandigarh University should develop specialised domains such as space technology, information technology, agriculture, mathematics, and other areas where Indian expertise is recognised on a global scale.

“This will create a space where international students from all over the world can be drawn to come and study in India.”

The US Department of State recently launched the Gandhi-King scholarship exchange initiative, through which a number of US students will be able to study in India.

“This scholarship also allows faculty to visit Indian universities through exchange programmes and joint research initiatives,” Sandhu said, while discussing US students visiting India.

Concerning the significance of the New Education Policy, Sandhu stated that Indian universities should reach out to their international counterparts for various initiatives such as the establishment of offshore campuses of global universities at existing Indian universities. Campus-to-campus relations, twin programmes, and joint research initiatives are some of the key areas that Indian universities must address in order to globalise Indian education.

In response to a question about India’s global standing, Sandhu stated, “The global image of India has improved under PM Modi’s leadership, and many global leaders have approached our PM to resolve international issues.”

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