Van Gogh 360° Exhibition Mumbai: Paradise For Art Lovers

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Art lovers in the house? We have got you the details of the most awaited exhibition in India. Yes! We are talking about the art of Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh. So, if you are in Mumbai, don’t miss this magic.

Currently the exhibition, “Van Gogh 360” is happening in Mumbai, Maharashtra which is creating a huge atmosphere for art lovers. The immersive exhibition of Van Gogh’s artwork, which has previously been shown in many cities all around the world, is currently being held for the first time in India.

The first destination for the Van Gogh 360° exhibition in India was Mumbai on January 20. Delhi and Bengaluru are two of the upcoming locations, and their dates will be released soon. The exhibit’s expansion to Hyderabad and Chennai is also being considered by the organizers, who also intend to bring it to other tier-II cities.

Who was Van Gogh?

Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem Van Gogh, who passed away in 1890, rose to prominence and had a significant impact on Western art history after his death. He produced around 2,100 pieces of art in ten years, including about 860 oil paintings, the majority of which were produced in the final two years of his life.

Van Gogh was not popular when he was alive, but he is today one of the most famous Post-Impressionist painters. He is now well-known for the intense liveliness of his paintings, which are distinguished by their powerful impasto application and expressive, expressive use of vibrant color.

Van Gogh 360

He continued to paint throughout his year-long stay in a psychiatric hospital. In that year, he produced 150 paintings, including the Almond Blossom. One of his most well-known pieces, The Starry Night, is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Van Gogh struggled with his mental health throughout his life and committed suicide.

What to expect from Van Gogh 360 exhibition?

As soon as you enter the tent, instrumental music welcomes you and creates the ideal ambiance. Van Gogh’s paintings fill the first room of the exhibition. A total of two rooms makes up the entire experience.

You are transported back to the early stages of Van Gogh’s artistic development in the first area you enter. There are several paintings, each with a story from his difficult life. There is a lot to consider, from his motivation for beginning to paint, to his attachment to his younger brother, to his relationship with his mental condition.

After that, you’ll enter a space that immerses you in Van Gogh’s world. A 360-degree vista of his many paintings fills the space. The three-dimensional representation of Van Gogh’s artwork is presented in the immersive display. “Floor-to-ceiling projections” are used to emphasize the colour and specifics of the artwork.

According to the Van Gogh 360 website, the displays are displayed utilizing 360-degree panorama on life-size screens with music using an immersive audiovisual approach. None of the artists’ real physical creations are displayed; instead, they are projected on enormous screens.

At the exhibit, there are also goods and souvenirs for sale. Visitors are permitted to bring cameras and take photos and videos of this masterpiece, but using flashlights is not permitted. You can see the artworks come to life while seated comfortably on the floor or while lying flat on your back. For people who feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor, there are also appropriate seating options. You will have some of the greatest aesthetic experiences ever, regardless of where you sit.

Time required?

The exhibition in Mumbai is divided into three sections: an introduction to Van Gogh, an immersive experience, and a souvenir shop. The entire visit will take around 1 hour.

Van Gogh 360


20th January to 3rd March 2023 and after Mumbai, the exhibition is ready to take over the heart of Delhi and Mumbai People.

Venue in Mumbai:

World Trade Centre, Ganesh Murti Nagar, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005

Ticket cost:

Visitor tickets for the Mumbai show can be purchased on till 3rd March 2023. The cost of a ticket ranges depending on the time slot from INR 999 for weekdays to INR 1,299 for weekends. They can enter at any moment using the “any-time ticket,” which costs INR 2,500.

Please note to check the availability, ticket price, and rules before your visit as it is subject to change.

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