Visa Update: UAE Suspends Visa Extensions From Within Country

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The UAE Immigration Department has placed a hold on inside-country visa extensions, which means that travellers on visit visas, including those who have Dubai-issued permits, can only extend their visas after leaving the country.

Notably, the UAE has provided this relaxation amid Covid-19 and since the country is now back to normal, the facility is now been revoked.

This means that there are no longer any options for visitors to change the status of their visa while in the UAE and individuals who wish to renew their visas must leave the country and then return.

UAE Suspends Visa Extensions From Within Country

New rules went into effect earlier this month, eliminating the option for tourists in the UAE to extend their visit visas from within the country. For a few days, Dubai allowed visitors to renew their visas from within the country; however, this is now also suspended.

This used to be the rule, but it was changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to humanitarian concerns, the UAE changed the requirements during the lockdowns, when travel became difficult.

According to a Khaleej Times report, a travel agency said visitors who have secured a job in the country or are applying for a residency visa are also advised to exit and re-enter the country for the status change to take effect.

According to them, this will result in a massive increase in demand for flights and buses to neighbouring countries. People travel from the UAE to Bahrain, Kuwait, and Muscat to change their visa status.

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