What Is Book Village And Do You Know Kashmir Is Bringing India’s Largest Book Village

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Hey book lovers! I have probably the best news of the year for you. Do you know about the concept of a “Book Village”? Ever wished for one in your country? Your dream will come soon come true.

The Aragam village in the Bandipora region of north Kashmir is going to undergo a significant makeover to become the nation’s largest book village. The book Village could prove a key player in advancing education and raising public awareness of the value of reading and learning.

The Jammu and Kashmir government will work on this collaboration with Sarhad, a Pune-based non-government organization (NGO), which submitted a proposal that has been considered with the district administration to construct a book village in Aragam village.

The library complex will consist of a main building with a large library for the community and literary professionals to use on a regular basis. The library will initially have books in Urdu, Kashmiri, Marathi, English, Hindi, and Bengali.

Kashmir Book Village

Why Aragam village has been chosen?

Book villages create a peaceful and inspiring environment that fosters creativity and inspiration and Aragam village is a perfect place that can be chosen as there is no place that can match the charm and peacefulness a book village requires.

Aragam village after being a Book village can offer a space where people can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in literature and writing.

The literature of Kashmir, with its extensive history and distinctive culture, contributes to the state of Jammu and Kashmir’s rich literary past. The book Village can encourage individuals and aid in the preservation of this literary heritage. It will also showcase historic manuscripts, paintings, and artifacts from Kashmir.

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The establishment of the book village in Aragam can also promote tourism in the region. Jammu & Kashmir is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and tourist destinations. The book village can draw visitors interested in literature and culture and give them a special opportunity to explore the local literary heritage.

Kashmir Book Village

What is a Book Village?

Book villages are unique communities that have been established around the world to promote and encourage a love of reading, writing, and books. These communities are intended to be an oasis for book enthusiasts, where they can browse a sizable library, engage in literary discussions, and take advantage of a peaceful atmosphere that encourages inspiration and creativity.

For the sake of fostering a tranquil and motivating atmosphere for book lovers, these villages are frequently located in picturesque settings, such as rural districts or historic towns. In recent years, the idea of “book villages” has become increasingly popular, and numerous nations have started to create their own variations of these literary havens.

There is something for everyone in these communities, from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, and they are created in such a way that it feels very welcoming and inclusive to be a part of any book village or even experience it once. So, if your love for books is bringing a smile to your face automatically after reading this article, just wait for it, and till then keep reading on nativeplanet.com

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