Who offers elder care packages for senior citizens, how much does it cost

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If you stay away from your parents, be it in a different city in India or abroad, you are likely to worry about them. Who will help them in case of an accident or a medical emergency, or even for regular chores? Now, many organisations, such as Samarth, Emoha, KITES and Yodda, are helping take this burden off your mind. They provide a range of services, from medical care to house maintenance and financial tasks for domestic and NRI customers, the cost depending on the type of package you choose (see table).

While the standard packages include basic services like hospitalisation/emergency assistance, and home/security services; mid-tier packages offer health and diagnostic support, personalised diet plans, on-call concierge services for daily chores, insurance management; and comprehensive packages provide virtual community for elders,assigned companions for regular checkins, activities for emotional and mental health, SOS/panic button, remote health monitoring, home maintenance and endto-end arrangements for travel.

Most of these providers are state- or city-specific, with KITES operating in Bengaluru, and Yodda in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. “Domestic signups form around 3% of our clientele, usually professionals who are working in metro cities, and our most popular offering in this group is the standard plan,” says Asheesh Gupta, Founder of Samarth Eldercare. “Nearly 20% of our customers are the elders, not their children, who pay for the service themselves,” says Tarun Sharma, Founder & CEO, Yodda.

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