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As you may be aware, the Winter Schedule for 2022 began this Sunday, October 30th, 2022, and will run until March 26th, 2023. the DGCA of India has approved as many as 21,941 departures per week from 105 airports in India under the Winter Schedule.

The number of weekly flights will be 1.55 per cent lower than the previous winter schedule of 22,287 flights.

“Out of these 105 airports Deoghar, Shimla and Rourkela are the new airports proposed by the scheduled airlines,” aviation regulator DGCA said in a release. Out of the total 21,941 departures, the maximum will be by IndiGo at 10,085 followed by SpiceJet at 3,193.

Winter Schedule 2022, Departures Per Week

Air India will have 1,990 departures, Vistara (1,941), Air Asia (1,462), Go Air (1,390), Alliance Air (1,034), Akasa Air (479), Fly Big (214) and Star Air (153).

AirlineDepartures per week
Alliance Air1034
Air India1990
Go Air1390
Air Asia1462
Star Air153
Fly Big214
Akasa Air479

Comparative growth in the number of departures in WS 22 vis-a-vis WS 21 is computed and is placed below.

AirlineDepartures per
week as per WS 21
Departures per
week as per WS 22
Growth (%)
Alliance Air911103413.5
Air India20531990-3.07
Go Air22901390-39.3
Air Asia139314624.95
Star Air13715311.68
Fly Big11621484.48
Akasa Air479

The number of Fly Big departures has increased significantly, increasing by 84.88 per cent. Similarly, other airlines such as Vistara, Alliance Air, and Star Air increased their flight numbers by 15.88%, 13.50%, and 11.68%, respectively.

Go First has reduced the number of flights it will operate the most; instead of operating 2,290 flights per week during the winter of 2022, GoFirst will now only operate 1,390 flights per week.

Other airlines, such as Air India and Indigo, followed Go Air with drops of 3.07 per cent and 1.54 per cent, respectively. Other airlines, such as SpiceJet and AirAsia, grew by 6.61 per cent and 4.95 per cent, respectively.

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