With volatility increasing in the capital market, now is the right time to consider phygital investing. Read to know why!

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Today’s world is full of uncertainties surrounding health, wealth, inflation and more. With inflation rising, it is not hard to decode its impact on our pockets and living expenses. Providing basic life amenities is getting expensive for most people with no extended income source. As inflation is on the rise, RBI’s repo rate has also witnessed a hike by 25 basis points which could result in an unwanted surge in the banking interest rates. As the market landscape witnesses high-interest rates on retail loans used by everyday consumers, the volatility in the capital market is also increasing. The amount of uncertainty in fixed security’s value has changed so that people fall back on new sources of income for decent survival. In this regard, investing in the stock market can be a good idea to create new income avenues, and now is the right time to do just that!Creating new income opportunities while investing well in stocks in the hope of a better investment return is the norm in today’s world of highly volatile capital markets. It gets even easier with an investment advisor or a broking house that guides you through your investment journey and helps you make smart investment decisions for the best returns, even with a low budget in hand. The expertise of a broking partner comes in handy in such scenarios. In this context, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, with its Phygital approach, offers an investment advisor alongside the expertise of their digital trading and investing platform that helps investors in the long run.

Why choose Motilal Oswal’s Phygital investing expertise while trading in stocks?

Motilal Oswal provides investors with the expertise of a full-service broker that offers to guide the investor through their stock investment journey in person, over calls and also through their advanced Apps. The brand has spread its 35+ years of equity experience across 550+ cities in over 5500+ physical locations. Additionally, they customise solutions and investment advisory for young investors based on their financial goals to iron out any shortcomings. The broking house relies on the Phygital approach of investing, which makes it reliable for people to trust and benefit from the best of both worlds-Physical and Digital. The comfort of discussing it personally with a financial advisor and, at the same time, relying on the expertise of an AI offers a seamless and hassle-free investing experience to all its customers.

Motilal Oswal, with its knowledge-first approach, has truly been one of the trusted investment advisors in the economic landscape today. Along with that having an array of local and international awards like Asia Money Best Local Broker in 2021, Leading Member of the Exchange 2022, and more under their name definitely speaks tons about their credibility.

Motilal Oswal Financial Services works on a Phygital investing model, which offers the advantage of both physical and digital routes of investing, making it easy for newbies to take that first step in the world of investing. So if you are already a part of the stock market or are planning to enter as an amateur investor, you must consider starting your investment journey with Motilal Oswal’s Phygital investment model today!

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